Ancient magical practice

I am wondering whether any practicing magician has gotten to the most ancient magical practices, preceding those practices done to day. most magicians go back only as far as per haps the days of ancient babylonia, or those practices attributed to solomon, for example.

I think magic goes back much further, and that, in point of fact, those peoples of the ancient middle east borrowed (and refined) their magical practices from MUCH older cultures. I think a lot of magical practices can be traced all the way back to ancient india; just as many aspects of superstitious belief go back to india, according to my research.

and of course, if it’s the case that these magical practices go back to the days of ancient india, then certainly those magical practices would have gone back even further than that, to some much earlier culture.

has any practitioner of magic looked in to this, and if so, is there any one out there practicing these more ancient rituals? just wondering.

Cave paintings seem to be the oldest form of magick, showing a successful hunt - this has a direct link to the way animals will anticipate what they want, a dog will go to where his collar and lead are kept when he’s hoping to “manifest” a walk for example.

There’s a lot of research into animal sentience (primate and other types) that seems to suggest animals think in symbols, which leads readily to magickal thinking because the symbol of what’s desired or neededalmost always precedes the actual thing appearing - as humans, we often have to recover that lost ability to hold focus on the symbol of what we want, not of what we don’t want! :slight_smile:

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Out of written proof but what I know is that when we speak of the earliest, magick practice at that time is what is lost now. What was lost? The ability when people believe and make it happen. They own their worlds. They lead. It’s the earliest in my knowledge. The time when magicians, though they haven’t been called such name that time, didn’t need the aid of many supporting materials as aid to trigger, intensify,…etc for the success of their works. Well, the practice is still allive, as always will be though much of us now seek other ways to find magick.