Ancient Gods vs Demons vs God History

So, I have been investigating and searching about spirits, demons, gods, and all that kind of stuff, I came with the conclusion that God of the JCI is just mythos of before traditions and that Jews and Christian took of them, there’s no hell, no devil, no god vs devil as we see it in the bible they are just edited versions of mythologies and used to control the masses, I was okay until now.

In this forum we get demons talking about their past “life” saying they had different names, names of Gods, and that now they are the infernal empire and they want to defeat God, because they live outside him, so why would I want to be outside God if he is real, why did Gods change their nature and became evil just because, why did they now represent chaos and death and sickness and all of that if they were beatiful creatures of lights and were worshipped as Gods long before the pagan god Yawheh was. My question is: are they demons that live in hell? don’t they live in heavens, celestial places, valhalla, all the heavens that are not the chrisitan one, did they just disappeared or do they keep living there, or did all the gods just went to hell or the infernal empire.

I thought, Yawheh lived in his heaven
and all the other gods on their respective heaven but when I see this forum I see demons saying they were Odin, Zeus, Apolo, Shiva and that now the live in hell or infernal empire.

Excuse my bad english for it’s not my first language, and I don’t know anything this were my assumptions I just want someone to explain it to me.

And how do I introduce myself?

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Welcome and though you may find people choosing to give the Infernal demons the names of The Gods. In most cases it’s just their need to undervalue a Gods achievements by giving it to the demons they think highly of, which on paper is fine if it helps their paradigm. I only find it an issue when it comes into evocation and such in which case it becomes a thoughtform or an entity who sees open season to leech off the unaware.