Ancient gods or demons?

hi everybody . i have a question if we dont believe in judo-xian mindset why we call entities of geotia demons and lord and kings of hell? is it not proper to call them antient gods?


I believe because their existence as Demons, is completely different in nature, attributes, powers and character, than their original divine form, if any. I don’t have to be a Christian or Jewish to work with Demons but I should respect who/what they are in those religions, if I want to work with them.

Ancient Gods already exist in their pure/original form according to their own religions, cultures and faith, people work with them as such all the time :slight_smile:


There is no actual evidence that they were ever “ancient gods.” Only a very select few of them have any sort of historical evidence to back up a claim of worship or godhood.


Astaroth if I’m correct was worshipped as Ashteroth and hellenised as Astarte


In my opinion, that is actually a myth, perpetrated by many in the occult, based simply on the similarity of their names, with no factual evidence to back it up. In Works of Darkness, EA states that when you call Astaroth, you get a demon, not a goddess, though he is one of the few to say so.

As far as I am aware, the only demons of the Goetia that have evidence of previously being gods, are Bael and Ba’al.


Even Bael’s name (please correct me if I’m wrong)
is a fusion of the names Ba’al and El
Ba’al being the title of “Lord” and El simply meaning God
Therefore Bael is “The Lord of Gods”


I don’t know about the etymology of the names. I only know that there is some historical evidence for Baal and Bael as gods of different tribes such as the Canaanites, but there is no such evidence for the rest of the spirits of the Goetia.


I absolutely agree @DarkestKnight, most of the demons are original creations of Judaism and Christianity. While Bael, Baal, Beelzebub, and Ashtoreth are actually demonized Pagan Gods, they’re the only ones. I mean, tell me which ancient Pagan God Glasyas-Labolas is. And when I evoked Azazel he told me he was a Jewish myth.


The titles and ranking in the Goetia are complied and created by various authors and are there theories on the deitys status, rank or title. However, there is no hierarchy in hell were each demon is assigned a rank or title, unless you wish to assign it one.

Each deity or demon is an independent operator with there own personality or attributes and has no rank or status in a ancient man-made system of nobility from the middle ages.

Are the demons from the Goetia considered ancient gods? It depends on your defination of what is a god.

Many ancient ferility gods from the Middle East were later demonized after the Jewish and Xian faith took hold to discredit the various pagan deitys of there past.

In Christianity and other monotheistic religions God is the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

However, in many other religions besides Christianity and Judaism a god or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity a moon god for example is considered a god, with god like powers.

Demons many theorize were created when the earth was formed and are a part of the formation of Earth as with nature.

Demons do not have the power to create life but they do have the power to enhance life or destroy life, hence there evil nature.

So in the purest defination demons are not gods as they can not create life but are worshipped as deitys as they can effect significant change on the human mind either to enhace or destroy what has already been created.


Only evil if you believe they have an evil nature. Evil and Good in my opinion are up to the person who decides for themselves what is evil and what is not


You are correct the concept of good and evil is a man made concept.



Titles are very subjective. For example, in Goetia Paimon is a King, while In the Book of Abramelin he’s is sub-Prince aka a Duke. Unlike the Angel’s Hierarchy, Demons don’t have a standard one.