Ancient being


When I was 17 my father and I saw this being flying in the sky… giant, muscular human frame like that of a Roman Warrior, pterodactyl head, and brilliant, white feathered wings, the wings of which were so gargantuan that although it was several hundred feet away, I could still distinguish between the feathers. The air of this being was that of immense power and authority! I knew he was ancient… and highly highly intelligent as if there would be no hope of outsmarting him at any time. He had the power to enter and leave this dimension at will, as he vanished into thin air after doing the most graceful and powerful divebomb I shall ever see.

I was wondering if anyone here has seen anything similar/know what this being is? Or have some insights on this particular type of being… it put the fear of god in me.


I have heard of these beings on Coast To Coast. George Noory is extremely fascinated by these flying beast-men. I don’t know the particular episodes, however, that should give you a place to start looking.


Do you live on the east coast by chance? There’s many, many sightings and reports of a creature just like that. The Jersey devil I think they call it. But that’s an amazing thing to see in my opinion. The fear is completely understandable. It might have been trying to communicate with you. It didnt have to let you see it dont forget. I would try and contact it. I’m extremely artistically challenged lol, great drawing. Ive seen so much I wish I could draw. Scrying visions and such. Good luck to you on finding out


I live on the west coast. The difference is that the jersey devil has scaly wings, whereas this being has eagle wings. Yeah, this sighting in particular is something that really sparked my interest in more occult topics to begin with… because these chimera-like beings are described in grimoires/the bible and then I knew for certain beings like this are real and can be interacted with. Couldn’t tell if it was an angel or devil. Powerful nonetheless. Haha thanks for the compliment, I had to do this drawing a couple of times to get it up to par… after seeing through the veil the world can never be perceived the same again… many beings have appeared before me but I have feared this power to an extent as it is isolating, so I am happy to be somewhere where it’s ‘normal’? haha. What is the most fascinating thing you have seen scrying? (since drawing is not your forte)


Did he refer to them a ‘flying beast-men’? There are so many coast to coast episodes 0_0 I am a third generation listener but missed those ones haha.


Did he refer to them a ‘flying beast-men’? There are so many coast to coast episodes 0_0 I am a third generation listener but missed those ones haha. [/quote]

Hmmm … in all truthfulness - I’m not totally sure what he refers to them as. Tell ya what though. Next time I hear him talking about them, I’ll send you details. :slight_smile:


Ive never listened to coast to coast I’ll have to check it out. @GodParty, I have to say the coolest thing ive seen scrying was during one of my purification baths. I decided to bring my crystal ball with me. I kept feeling that week that something was holding me back and messing with me so to speak so I asked. After a min or so I noticed a figure, just shoulders up persay but it really looked like an alien. It had a squared off but kind of rounded head, it was yellow, and a thick neck. Its head was tilted upward with its mouth open and extended jaw kinda like on the mummy movies just not as long. No eyes either kinda looked like empty sockets, looked like it was screaming but not in pain. It had a collar that came around the neck and met in sort of like a v shape with the point of the v squared off. It looked kinda muscular like a super hero of sorts. I’ve been searching through alien sites, Google, almost anywhere I can think of but cant find anything that even remotely resembles. Really wish I could draw it. Also I was unable to tell if it was bad or not. But seemed and felt highly intellegent.


Also I was thinking of picking up some play-doh and try and sculpt it.


That sounds remarkably similar to the traditional description of the Goetic entity Vassago. You might want to look into it.
This looks remarkably like some of the traditional drawings I’ve seen for certain ancient entities, particularly those of the Babylonian and Egyptian sects. Not entirely sure, but I’ll check my books and see what I can find out, as well as asking around my circles. I feel it important to point out what many seem to have said, and that is that it did not have to let you see it. If ever there was a call to join the world of the occult, this would be one. That is a great gift.


@ GodParty & NordicHammer I loved your accounts of Beings you’ve recently connected with; that’s the kind of sharing that keeps people INSPIRED and DETERMINED when they’ve hit a rough patch…so thanks for the reminder!

Also, being an Artist myself, I gotta tell you, if you can create (or recreate) any “visible results” - drawing, sculpting, writing a piece of music around - you REALLY anchor & reinforce that success in yourself. Even if you never share it , your concentration creates a reinforcement in the mental bond.

and Defectron, I believe you’re spot-on regarding Vassago. He likes to look a fright the first time around! (But he’s actually quite good natured.) I also second the idea that GodParty’s drawing bears a striking similarity to the statues & carvings I’ve seen of some of the Egyptian, Sumer & Mesopotamian gods 'n demons. (There you go again, grumbling as you turn and shuffle towards the library!) Seems I recall there is a demon or two who might fit the descrip, but I don’t remember names… :wink: Z


Omg you guys, almost exactly seven years after the sighting I finally found out what it was!! I am so pleasured to have finally cracked this riddle. I showed a friend the photo and they mentioned Quetzal Coatl, the winged serpent sun god of the Aztecs… I thought hmm, winged serpent sounds legit so I looked into it. According to Aztec legend, Ometecutli, “Lord of Duality,” and Omecihuatl, “Lady of Duality,” initially created all life and produced four sons, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli and Tonatiuh, who represented different cardinal directions and who were associated with different colors. These sons became very powerful, ruling gods.

Tezcatlipoca was the Aztec god of night and all material things. He carried a magic mirror that gave off smoke and killed enemies, and so he was called “god of smoking mirror.” He was god of the north. As lord of the world and the natural forces, he was the opponent of the spiritual Quetzalcoatl, and sometimes appeared as a tempter, urging men to evil. Punishing evil and rewarding goodness, he tested men’s minds with temptations, rather than trying to lead them into wickedness. He was also god of beauty and war, the lord of heroes and lovely girls. He once seduced the goddess of flowers, Xochiquetzal, wife of the god Xochipilli, because such a lovely goddess was a good match for him, being a handsome war-like god. Yet he appeared most frequently as a magician, a shape shifter and a god of mysterious powers.

And a couple of days after discovering this, I had a psychic reading wherein the woman told me I possess a lot of jaguar and eagle energy, for those of you who are into totems… so I looked up jaguar totems and found this

“In Aztec society, the warrior class was symbolized by depictions of JAGUARS and EAGLES eating human hearts. The special god of the warriors, Tezcatlipoca, was often pictured as a jaguar. The Toltecs associated the jaguar with rain and thunder (which was called his “voice”). His yellow skin represented the Sun; during eclipses they said that the jaguar swallowed the Sun. However, the Toltecs believed that the Sun God became a jaguar when he went underground at night. On rare occasions, a pure black jaguar will be seen. These black cats are sometimes called panthers by the natives. Jaguars are fiercely independent, cunning, and distrustful of humans. Like leopards, the jaguar will hunt single humans or dogs, which it especially hates.”


All descriptions of Tezcat I came across fit the feeling I had when I saw him, someone to be feared, God of warriors… I also got a mental image of a huge stack of old books when I saw him and thought he must have read millions… he also is god of books haha. Well, now what I am wondering is if I chopped off sacrificial heads in a past life. There must be some past link for such a powerful being to appear.