Ancient angels' seals source

In the “Archangels of Magick” by Damon Brand there are celestial seals that have names in hebrew but in the introduction section there is a foreword about ancient version of angelic seals. Do you know any comprehensive source that I can find those ancient seals for as many angels and archangels as possible? I would like to try them out which are more suitable for me.


This is the example (Archangel Michael)

  1. version made I think with rosicrucian sigil:
  2. version from Archangels of Magick
  3. version I’m talking about:
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The first picture is a sigil made using a generator like the Rose Cross.

The second one from Brand’s book was created specifically by the Gallery of Magick for their work.

The third is the traditional angelic “signature” used in ceremonial magick. This is the oldest type of angelic seal as far as I understand.