Ancestral Magick - Where do I start?

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So recently, I’ve had an interest in picking up ancestral work/magick. I’ve always had a fascination with ancestry and discovering my roots ever since I was about 9 - 10 years old. I also think there might have been a handful of shamans/witches/what have you in my family way back when, because I’ve sensed lingering magickal potential in some of my family members and I’d like to verify this; maybe even get advice from them. I was going to start with ancient ancestry first (pre-1800s).

From what I’ve gathered (and feel free to correct me), you need to know the names of the ancestors you’re trying to contact. I don’t know their names and I’m pretty certain my relatives don’t either.

What do I do? Should I just contact my dead great-grandparents and work my way down?


That’s a start if they are open to Magick. If you are working with a particular Spirit/s you can ask for their advice and guidance.


I don’t think my living relatives believe in that stuff, but I do work with particular spirits.


Summon your dead relatives, the ones you actually knew when they were alive. Make sure they aren’t pissed at you for some reason, then try to work your way back further. Technically, everyone is related to each other, but I doubt that very many spirits actually buy into that, so maybe try to make sure that each of the ones you contact actually wants to deal with you before you get too chummy. Like, maybe my great-aunt’s sister was a witch, but she doesn’t view that relationship as having any weight, so no go.

  1. Get the more expensive $200 test.
  2. Evoke based off the information you recieve from tests.

Can do. I have some objects that belonged to them in my possession. Do you think that would help?

I was about to say “holy shit, that’s expensive”, but when I clicked on the link, I realized it was on sale.

I’ll give it a go!

Ahhh. $200 isnt bad when you consider your making it a real magickal project and taking it seriously. I would Opt for only Full Sequence because I prefer sccurate data to enact magick properly. Ive already done all the big tests.

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