Ancestors call


I just would like to receive a guidance about something.

Long story short - I was very upset and lost a couple months ago, went into the woods I was raised as a child, cryed and begged for my ancestors help (don’t have a particular chanting). Now my ancestors heard my crying and sent a bear near our house into the village and everyone want the bear to be killed.

We haven’t seen bear in the region since an eternity. At least my generation.

So, please I’m not exactly into this kind of a magick, but please tell me how to deal with the ancestors signs and save the bear, because everyone here are thirst for his blood. How am I supposed to follow a bear as a sign of a shamanism ritual or so? My call came from my soul and a heart and I didn’t expect real bear in a place where this animals has been extinct.

Already tried to call officials, it became worse.

Let me repeat - what can I do to follow and release the calling of my ancestors and as well to save this wild soul?

Thanks for the help!


I read a book called Dancing with Bears in which the author details having many lucid dreaming experiences with a polar bear who explained bears are aware and many lucid dream like we do and other very interesting things.

You could try taking a journey to the bear or reaching out to it with your mind and thoughts or lucid dreaming with the intent of contacting the bear.

You could try to give it the message it’s in danger and figure out what it is doing there and how you can help- maybe it’s lost for some reason or something and needs some direction? I have no idea but I’d try to see if I could reach the bear and they could enlighten me to how I could help.

You could also try reaching your ancestors for direction in these ways too.


Thank you so much for the answer!

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