An update on Incubus stuff

This is very much over due. This has been a long long month and I know a lot of us are going through a lot right now. I am hoping all is well with everyone :pray:t2:

But I am better now (had the flu and pneumonia) and had THE biggest urge to set up my space and start on stuff. So last night I decided to try and see about a partner. I decided after been basically going through almost every post about incubus stuff. How ever I did not call on Hekate as planed before. Mostly because I wanted to talk to Lilith and explain a few things to her. I did not how ever do a letter because I wanted to see how close our connection is or how well it would come out with out a ritual.
I called on her and invited her into my space. I suddenly felt I’m guessing her presence in my room. I started to talk to her about the things that I wanted her to know or really say to her. I then started on the subject of my partner and one that I could basically be with rest of my life. I have explained to her I know exactly what this means but after all this time thinking on this, I feel this be a good idea. I felt her presence kinda draw back a bit but then I felt this other presence come next to me. Her presence went kinda quite even though I still talked to her and I feel she still was listening. When I was done talking to her and thanked her I was going to get ready for bed. But I had the urge to lean towards this other presence as if laying my head on someone’s shoulder. But kinda awkward since there was no solid body there. As I was going to sleep I did still felt a presence there. When I woke up this morning I felt the presence behind me. Unfortunately my hearing isn’t good at all and I’m mostly running off of feeling. I felt like this presence was warm and doing something to my root that felt good. Then I felt this presence touch my heart chakra area. Not sure exactly what all was going on but right now as I’m typing this I can feel him behind me as I’m sitting on the couch.
The problem is I’m not sure if this is just me with my big imagination or if indeed it is who I think it is. I will try and make contact to night to see if I can get any more info.


Hopefully you can find out, also you can have AP visitors too, and can be physical with you.

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Welp I will tonight and I know that but unfortunately I don’t exactly have any one in my life here that either I’m close to enough or cares to do things like that.

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So update again. I just woke up from a…interesting dream. Unfortunately it was not the ones you hear of grate pleasure or one that you wished it last forever.

I found my self on this big bed with dark red covers and pillows. There was this not incubus but a succubus that was on top of me. She inserted some toy in me and started to do things. But yes I truly felt everything as I’d like most said I was awake. I just unfortunately I don’t think I ever got to the point of climax when she took it out. That’s when I saw another in the room but with darker skin. The one that was on top of me had this light skin with a hint of pink and these intriguing green cat eyes. I then noticed I had this golden pentagram necklace on that I really liked but next thing I knew it was off and that’s when she took the chain and “strangled” me. Both of them were laughing as teasing me while I sat there choking. I became pissed. Once she let go I turned to face her dead in the eyes and told her by the orders of Belial, she is to leave. Both just looked at me slightly taken aback but then they started to laugh and joke as they got their stuff. I was still absolutely not in a good mood when they we’re leaving.
Now one thing that confused me to no ones end was when they were about to literally teleport out, the one with the eyes looked at me with a smirk and asked if I still either loved or something along those lines Belial and I said yes with a straight face then she asked if I still lived in her words “that Repiloid”. Again I said yes with a straight face fully feeling not a ounce of question in me. She just smirked and left. I woke up and I am more then confused. Still slightly salty but very very confused.
But there was my experience with the well known succubus. :unamused::expressionless: