An unusual handmade talisman

well. a while back i made a very specific talisman.its composed of crushed uranium glass on the outer ring,representing the transmutation circle. the spokes are made of human teeth with tiny tiny chunks of dried human on them,and one claw half from a very over protective red nose pitbull. (the pitbull claw is for protection during things like tool-assisted astral travel) (and the human teeth are charged with great suffering over quite a few years). the center or “eye” of the talisman is a uranium glass sphere that you can look through,and counter-intuitively when you look through it,no matter the angle,whatever you see will be upside down

the outer shell holding the device together is made of lead and tin,primarily to help channel saturn.

currently it has 6 spokes,the 7th and 8th I’m currently trying to decide on.

what material do you all think I should use to represent the 7th and 8th rays (spokes) of the device? (and yes I’m trying to smooth out the surface,which is harder than you might think)

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Id recommend Carnelian, simply for a red offset, and it has a connection with Mars. Other than that, perhaps quartz.

ah yes,that does fit the feeling of the device,a red offset like that would give it abit more “oomph”. im also thinking of making the 7th and 8th spoke primarys out of snake fangs. only trouble is finding a dead snake isnt terribly easy,and im worried that if i ordered the fangs online they would have all the energy scraped out

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It’ll look really cool as a finished product.

hmmm,do you think maybe sandpaper would help smooth out the surface?

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As long as it doesn’t touch the uranium I think it would work fine.

it should be fine,the lead layer is pretty thick

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