An uncanny feeling, old house

Month ago I moved out to a cheaper flat for some issues. First time i saw it i knew it had a special aura, the flat is from the early 20th century and didn’t have any changes after this.
So it was a very old flat, I’m kind of an amateur in this matter but I have a special sense for this stuff. I can feel a special and uncanny feeling near one of the dorms, which i thought it would be perfect for some rituals.
And after cleaning my new place i started to dream about an invisible door floating in the middle of a pale wall every night since few days. I can feel like something it’s trying to get me closer to that door but i’m afraid i shouldn’t be playing with this stuff because of the nature of this dream.

What should I do? yet i don’t know much about this kind of experience just started because of my talent and curiosity, any advice or protection towards this? because i don’t want to leave this place i really feel like i should be here.

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Hello Zaahr,

If you can control yourself in the dream, I would simply chain it off or wall it off. It sounds like an old portal that was closed but not sealed.