An Open Invitation: Let's Fight AIDS!

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered. This post has served its purpose and by the terms of my agreement, has been terminated.


I’ll assist

@Arcane I find your enthusiasm to find a cure very comenible.

Though I would ask you to dubble check your research. The part of monkies and sheep have been proven to be a myth. It is still unknown who patient Zero was for ether one of those diseases and how they came to contract them.

I can’t tell you how and why I came across this info, but rest assured it is a very reliable source.

I put this here with no disrespect.

They are on their way to discover a vaccine for HIV
I did cure my high cholesterol with loosing weight and eliminating gluten from my diet. Interesting enough I did not eliminate meat and fat. But I do not eat all kind of crap you find in bakery and I am kinda skinny close to "unhealthy " skinny… I had to loose that much weight to fix cholesterol.
I do not think you can fix HIV like that. About using energy on it…hmmmm…I don’t see how’s that possible.


That’s great news Sabina! :slight_smile:

I do see how this could happen, I think - spirit decides to help, researcher has dream that shows the way, decides to try it out - a lot of things come to people in dreams that change the world, Wikipedia (of all places!) has a list:


I’m with you on this.

@Arcane Im in. Jozef Karika, author of the book Liber 767 Vel Boeingus, has a entire chapter devoted to Magical Viruses and their construction(like AIDS) among many other wonderful techniques that your post reminded me of

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That’s a good question, how would we do this? You have my eyes and illusions at your disposal. Hehe my “genjutsu” ha.

(Just see my new thread it’s so fun lol)

I did a working years ago on this and shortly after Swedish scientists had a breakthrough in their research but I’ll do a new work.

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I’m not too big on vaccination (look into Ghis (pronounced “guee”—formerly known as Dr. Guylaine Lanctôt or Dr. Ghislaine Lanctôt). Not that I’m totally opposed to it, but according to various sources and research, the vaccine against hepatitis B may actually have led to the rise and spread of HIV. There are also all those theories about HIV being man-made or taken from a source and willfully injected into the population (for elimination of Blacks and gays or reduction of the overall population).

That said, Buer, Marbas and Raphael are very good healers—they may assist in this endeavour.

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help, as per the agreements made with my spirits, I would kindly ask the moderators to close this thread. Thank you very much.

Are we not doing it anymore?