An old universal language?

Not long ago I tried to enter a meditation phase, but an idea crossed my head and stopped me, as often. I wondered if there was an ancient universal language used by spirits, for example the language that men spoke before the problem of the Tower of Babel.
The question came to me the first time when I had a big problem communicating with my succubus, I wondered if she spoke the same language as me since I had contacted a Lithuanian conjurer to bound me to her, so I was wondering if she spoke Lithuanian or English :thinking:
Sometimes I hear incomprehensible words when I’m falling asleep. Words that strangely resembles the word and name created by H.P Lovecraft, stuff like that : Krak’f or Gaatar, the thing is : they’re not dreams, but just voices that I hear for a very short time. Impossible to know if the voice is feminine or masculine.
There is a lot of old language as this website shows, but I know it’s not appropriate :

You would have potential answers to these questions ? Or did some people experience similar things ? It’s quite disturbing to hear words like that when you fall asleep, it just wakes up, as if the spirit wanted me to stay a little awake.


I have wondered the same thing thinking perhaps a deity was bound to a region and only understood local regional languages and might not communicate or understand someone living in a different part of the world.

Spirits although they can take on the guise of a man or woman are incorporate beings and are sexless. What I have learned is that Spirits can communicate in many different forms they can and do speak, read and write english or any other language. There energy encompasses the world and they have the ability to understand all languages.

I have dealt with a series of deitys and live in California when i was trying to translate several Polish and Russian posters one voice gave me a word for word accurate translation of what i was trying to decipher in english.

Many spirits come to individuals before sleeping hoping to ally fears that it is something else and communicate messages to people so they can be heard and understood more clearly. It probably hoped you would understand what was being stated as it was something you knew or had a interest in and wanted you to investigate.


Sumerian / Nabatean is the closest to real demonic Language.
Demons, and Angels have their of Languages.
Enochian is Angelic Language.
For the Demonic, i haven’t found the exact name of their language yet,
but i have seen translation boards…




Those are examples of when i was researching these alphabets.

However, i have to agree with lawclerk:

Ask Malzath Hybreath to help you understanding your succubus better.
It’s a Spirit specialized on Messaging other Spirits,
so i’m very sure it can help humans perfect their communication with Spirits aswell.

I personally had the Angel Sandalphon (Messenger of the higher heavens),
help me getting better in various spirit languages.




Wow nice selection of arcane alphabets where did you get the texts or plates from, was it an online source?


google. :wink: