An Old Man's Advice on Love Spells and Rituals

I see many of you pining and needing to be with someone you find special, and I see some common mistakes being made. Let me help you get past those.

Like most of you, I was a decent-looking bloke when young, so dating was not a problem, but there were times when someone special came into my life and I wanted to be with them more than anyone else.

I have been practicing for over 30 years, practicing seriously for over 25, but have performed only four love spells in my life - all of which worked to one degree or another. That includes two marriages as a result.

I used three different methods:

  • My first one was a simple potato-in-glass-water-jar for a specific woman.
  • My second was a Chaos magick-style sigil, again focused on a specific woman.
  • The last two were chants, one specific (and it worked), and one general one to bring “the right one” - which also worked. Married her.

The methods were different - every one of them worked.

If you have doubts about your success, trust me, it is not your method. It is your preparation and execution.

Here are some of the guidelines I followed to ensure success. I would encourage those who are feeling lost or that they have failed to consider these revisions to your future spellwork or rituals.

"Know" your target before you cast or evoke.
I don’t mean know them as an acquaintance. I mean learn about them as a person, talk with them, understand them. This is easier for tight social circles and college-aged kids that see their prospective
partners on a regular basis and often have little choice but to interact with them.

If you have incompatible views, tastes, and personal values, you are going to have a short, if temporarily loving, relationship that will make you both look back on as a mistake, so it is imperative that you get to know them before you begin.

Remember that lust is not love.
Never confuse love and sex. Confusing these and then casting will lead to a hollow relationship, heartache, and a complete waste of time.

Sex with someone you are in love with is euphoria. It is also a side benefit of the loving relationship. It is never the goal of it.

You want to grow a life together with this person. Don’t lose sight of that.

There are other spells for the one-nighter or the conquest.

Choose quality, not quantity.
Choose that one person you want to marry and/or spend eternity with.

If you feel you are in love with two people, pick the one you met more recently. You never would have developed romantic feelings for the second one if the first one was “The One” for you.

Don’t obsess. Don’t self-sabotage. Be confident. It worked.
I find that if your will and intent are clear, all love-related spells, rituals, and evocations work. Because love and infatuation, especially in younger people, bring so much emotional energy to the equation, love spells are hard to screw up when you focus your will on a target. In most cases, what I witness is many people self-sabotaging after a successful casting.

You won’t see fast results. Love is a process. Trust that they are already feeling something stir. Self-doubt weakens results. It also makes you look weak.

The hardest thing to overcome will be your lust for results. Distract yourself after casting.

Help yourself help the magick.
Hygiene. Appearance. Courtesy.

You always want to be your best, so here is a list of simple common sense rules
that make you more healthy and appealing, and help the magick help itself:

  • Dress comfortably, crisply, and cleanly. Not expensively. Be practical.
  • Clean and polish your shoes; even your trainers/sneakers.
  • Speak clearly and warmly. With everyone, not just the object of your affection.
  • Use whitening toothpaste in the morning and tartar-control toothpaste before bed.
  • Shave regularly. Guys, get rid of that neckbeard. Everyone can see the acne in it.
    Pay attention to and remove ear hair and unsightly nose hair, too.
  • Pay attention to your skin.
  • Drink for health, eat for health. Drink more water. Drink more unsweetened tea.
  • Less sugar. Less beef. Less lactose. Less alcohol. Less nicotine.
  • More fish. More poultry. More vegetables. More apples. More lemons.
  • Take multivitamins and Omega-3.
  • Find the best deodorant for you. Some smell strong on certain people, but weak on others.
  • Find the best second-tier scent for you: cologne, aftershave, perfume, etc. Less is more.
    Be sparing. Don’t use patchoulli. It doesn’t mask odor. It makes you smell like someone
    buried a corpse in a flower garden.
  • Clean and smudge your flat/apartment/house/living space regularly. You will
    feel the energy difference, and all your evocations and spell casting will run smoother.

Hygiene and appearance demonstrate self-assurance and respect for yourself and others.

Be open. Be ready. Be attentive.
Fast responses and attention to the target demonstrate care and that you respect their time. Always be open and available for your target. No games. Respond to texts quickly. Answer your phone. Let the magic work for you without resistance.

Don’t use puns or sarcasm when communicating. Be genuine.

Be realistic.
If you are morbidly obese, have serious skin problems, can be detected from 20 feet away from the smell, and/or don’t know the difference between casual and slovenly, you aren’t going to date that Calvin Klein model, no matter how strong your magical abilities.

Improve yourself and take care of yourself before you start looking for a mate. People can tell when you do not respect yourself.

If you fall into this category, choose a general love spell or ritual or evocation to find yourself the right person, rather than a specific one. Always work to improve yourself.

Don’t use love magick to change abusers.
If you hear or see even a hint that your target is an abuser, don’t think your magic will change them. It won’t. Move on. Don’t cast. Never compromise your safety or sanity.

Choose your target well. Remember the adages:
“Ladies, if you want a really wonderful guy, stop dating great-looking assholes.”
“Behind every supermodel, there is an exhausted man totally sick of her shit.”

Look below the surface before casting. You never want to tie yourself to someone shallow or materialistic.

Don’t use love magick on an ex.
Love spells generate love. They do not typically return former lovers for any meaningful length of time. There are other spells and chants (and demons) for that. I have had countless friends over the years that have asked for spells for this, and the result is the same: a more painful and lengthy break-up and recovery process. Don’t pine. Move on.

I speak from experience, not hearsay. Your experiences and successes may differ.


I completely agree and that was good advice even for me as I am getting ready for my date. Satan bless you.


Yeah. Kanye West, once, said that he doesn’t like Kim Kardashian to post her sexy photos as they hurt his soul.

Thank you so much for your post and sharing this knowledge. It has not only helped me see through the lines, but also have enabled me to be more confident.

May I request you to please share with me the 3 spells that you have had success with as I would definitely like to try them. I will be grateful to you.

Thank you,

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Can you tell us the spells you used please

This site has a ton of links to spells more effective and efficient than the ones I used all those years ago.

If you need advice specific to your own situation, you can PM me.

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