An odd experience, I'm not sure what to think

Alright, I’ve been reading and reading nonstop over the forum recently. Just trying to learn as much as I can. I’ve never worked with any type of spirit before, besides the occasional talk to random passing by sprirts with my friends.

But recently I’ve wanted to begin working with spirits. Two that caught my eye were Astarte and Agares. I’ve been seeing their names often, they’ll randomly pop into my head. Agares especially, these past few days.

I laid down to begin to sleep, and as I was dozing off it felt like something pulled me out of my dream. I wake up, check the time decide to go back to sleep. I rolled over and for some reason contemplated speaking with Astarte and Agares soon. Agares’ name rang through my head for a moment. And the pressure in the room changed. I’m very energy sensitive. I’m great with sensing the point a spirit is trying to get across, pictures, and words are easy as well for me.

The pressure in the room changed and it was like a blanket layed across me. I could hear these loud voices ring in my head. I couldnt understand them though, it was gibberish of a sort. A man’s voice for sure, but there was more than one, or maybe he spoke several times. I’m not sure what was trying to be said. Then as sudden as it started it stopped. This is the first time I’ve had this experience. Was this Agares possibly trying to speak with me?

Apologies about this book of a post. Thank you for taking the time to read. I’d love any insight or opinions.


Since there is confusion with voices and no clear message I would ask for a sign, appeal to Agares ask if he was communicating telepathically.


It definitely sounds like Agares came into your presence. I get what you mean by “it was like a blanket layed across me,” that’s how the Goetia feel to me as well when they come, like a large wave descending over me.

Similar to lawclerk’s suggestion, there’s no harm in summoning Agares once more, to seek clarity in what he wants to communicate to you. It might be worth noting that Agares is skilled in improving communications, in language learning, and in bringing people back into or pushing them out of your life. If any of these powers resonate with you at the moment, perhaps he may assist you with a current situation in your life.

The nice thing about demons is that they tend to be incredibly practical, especially when you first start working with them. If Agares is seeking to reach you, then there is likely something he could do for you to improve your current life situation.

Even if you do not receive a clear telepathic message, you could still give him a task to complete. I typically find that a demon will begin reaching for me before the actual summoning, to inform me that it’s powers would be beneficial to me at this time. This may very well be what Agares is doing with you now.


They are both very different, ruling different powers of nature. Maybe you have to choose your element if you are at the beginning.

Thank you for your response! Both languages and bringing people into my life are relative to what I am in need of.

I will be summoning him very soon. His name has been ringing through my head since this experience and I fully believe it was him trying to speak with me.

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