An issue with Lilith

First, a little back story to provide clarity.

I stopped communing with Lilith 2 days ago. Not permanently, just long enough to cope with some internal turmoil she sturred up.

In the past I have been able to keep her at bay when I feel the need. But last night, I woke and felt her presence. I tried to ward her off but this time it made no difference. Then my very will to resist felt completely stripped away. My body very quickly entered a state of extreme arousal, not uncommon with Lilith but this time was far more intense. I felt like I was mentally being torn apart. I then spent the rest of the night drifting between states of heavily dreamful sleep and waking periods of intense physical ecstasy. While I could say it was physically pleasurable to a point, mentally it was agonizing.

Now in the aftermath, I feel physically sore with parts of my insides randomly feeling cold like ice and at other times like their baking from the inside out. I get other random sensation like buzzing in my chest and arms or pressure in my forhead followed quickly by the top half of my face going tingly.

I have no clue how to get my energetic equalibrium back or how to address this incident. I’ve come to expect a certain intensity from Lilith at times but she’s never gotten rapey with me before.

Sounds to me like you got the Erotic Express Special . You should schedule future appointments to enjoy getting sexually raped again. Did she by chance use a strapon?

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Hmm. I think she is just challenging you. She’s probably one of the sweetest and kindest spirits so I don’t think she was actually raping you. I mean you didn’t consent but I don’t think she meant it maliciously.


Ground yourself, dump the excess energy and do something physical to reconnect you. It sounds to me there was a purpose to this tied to healing what she stirred up. She likes to use music with me and I got this song right after a very intense moment involving my own sexuality yesterday.