An Introduction

I’m OmniUni, but my friends call me Omni. I’m new to magicks, but not new to metaphysics and what not. I feel like something has lead me to magicks and though I’m wary I’m interested in seeing what it offers and how it works with my beliefs. I’ve been doing alot of reading lately and one question I have is that if we are attempting to become God do we actually have to worship other Gods to achieve this? I’d gladly go into all of the thoughts I’ve been having so far I’m just not sure anyone wants to listen yet haha.


Welcome, Omni. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Thanks, I think I will.

Welcome to the family! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Welcome to the BALG forum.

Can I ask you something haha?

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Would you like me to pm you?


That would be great!

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No! I am my own God. Each day reveals this more, particularity when I compare myself to others, as I sometime fall prey to doing. I work with spiritual entities, occasionally.