An introduction

hello! my name is Dante and I’m a beginner in all things magick. I’ve always had an interest in it, mainly coming from my dad who even used to practice evocation as a teenager. my interest was always superficial but after finding out about this site I wanted to get deeper into it and 2 days ago é realized my very first successful evocation!
I hope to meet nice people on here and to learn more!

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Hi Eternal :wave: Welcome ! Where do you hail from? Is there any specific magick system that attracts you? LIKE chaos magick? Enochian magick? Norse? NECROMANCY? And so on there are many more :smiley:

I’m from Brazil!
Chaos Magick is the one I know most about, and again my knowledge is very superficial. I’d like to know more about different systems and practices with time but for now my main thing is evocation.