An introduction...let the begging for tips begin

Hi, my name is Yan and I’m 17 (nearly)

I’ve always liked reading about magical creatures, magical powers and so on and my whole life I have believed in magic, but just needed someone to show me that magic is real, before i can submerge in it.
And this few days i think i’ve finally found the place…(weeell I have a friend from my class who somewhat practices sorcery, but she isn’t really my type of person so haven’t really spoked with her about it).
I have watched a few long videos on youtube and just read ,Kingdoms of Flame’’ but I still don’t really know how to start to practice magic. Right now I’m most interested in evocation.
Here are just some questions which I will be really, really thankful if you can answer.

Well first since I’m from Bulgaria and english isn’t the language I’m most comfortable with, is there a language barrier between us and the spirits, can ask them questions on bulgarian?

Another thing is how do i get in the state in which I can hear the spirits?

And finally, what do I need before i start calling on to the spirits?

                                                                                   Thank you for reading this awfully long massage
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Hi Yan, Welcome :slight_smile:

Yes you can ask them in your language.

The sate you’re asking about, is probably the “theta-gamma-sync” or trance state. You can search the forum here about it you’ll find lots of threads explaining it.

I believe you need some practice to develop your senses. The act of calling spirits requires some important elements. For example, concentration, visualization, and trance state.
You practice concentration by meditation. And you practice visualization by using your imagination and visualize different objects, scenes, shapes, sounds, smells and touch… the more senses you use in your visualization the better. And finally you practice the theta-gamma-sync by learning the magickal gaze, that’s probably the easiest way and it’s used in all forms of magick.

Hope that helps,


Thanks a lot ,
Now I’ll try to find some information about this magickal gaze

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I’m Italian and speak to the entities in that language, about clairaudience concentrate on the spot between neck and shoulders which is the exact position of the Vishuddha chakra. Its seed mantra is Ham, but there is also a vowel; I don’t remember if it’s E (pronounced like in “helicopter”) or I.
To summon Spirits theoretically you don’t need even their sigils, but you may use them besides candles, incense, music and colored light.

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