An Introduction: ElixirMixer, Australian Alchemist

Welcome to the forum.

As a former Mormon, there are several of us on here. Some are more active than others. I grew up in it, others were converts that didn’t stay.

I know there are people from Australia that hop on. One in particular is taking a break and I don’t know when she’ll be back.

With your alchemical experience, it’s a bit of a shoe-in for maybe some future tutorials. It means different things to different people. I don’t know what’s located in the tutorials, but the search function would give you an idea of what people did or tried.or just started but didn’t finish (to show gaps we could use help with). That said, it’s obviously up to you.

Anyway, welcome.

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Welcome to the forum!

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How many of the alchemical formulae include VB? lol Welcome to the forum!

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I was thinking of creating a beer that raise testosterone instead of hindering it!

Nice to meet everyone.
Is there anyone in particular that specializes in talking with the Elemental spirits? Would love to have a chat.

I would make the argument that you already have dark chakras. They are below the human body, in the ground, they are the direct mirror of your current chakras. Ejaculation will often activate them, at the sacrifice of de-activating those that are present within the body. This occurs because as you ejaculate you discharge your energy into the earth, empowering these charkras.


What’s this you say about tutorials?


We have a few tutorial threads that can always use more. Here’s part 1 Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍

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Welcome @ElixirMixer

If I am understanding correctly, you have no practical experience in magick?

EA recommends starting with the divination course, as it teaches some basic skills that are then elaborated upon in the other courses, like scrying, but since he does still cover the basics in the other courses as well, you can generally start with whichever one you want to. I have all three of the Mastering courses, and actually started with evocation.

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My experience in Magick is very limited yes. I have done the occasional LBRP, Created a few elementals (definitly my most successful magic, and really interested to improve my elemental magic)

I have had some… experiences… like I had some entity come and speak with me at Uluru on December 21st 2012 which was pretty special but i wasnt pracitsing magick in particular, but other arcanum.

I have my own arcanum. I guess i have never really looked at them as magic, but while the practise is different, the mode in which it reaches results are very similar so yeah I have some experiences in other styles of magic, that i simply define as the arcanum, which i recognize probably has a different meaning around here. This is certainly the first group of magical people I have bumped into. I have tried ot join a few fraternities but for whatever reason it just never happened so I guess this is where i was suppose to end up.

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Welcome to forum. I’ll be very interested to read your posts @ElixirMixer. :+1:

G’day :sunglasses: :wave: :australia:

Norseman, I just went ahead and assumed you were talking about me, your (favourite?) Aussie mate. :smiley:

@Uncle-Al is our only other resident Australian that I know of who shows up regularly. But I think there may be a few more quietly lurking.

Either way, welcome to the forum @ElixirMixer! :handshake:

2 Likes…im not entirely certain how to put this

but being transgender and on a pretty strong dose of HRT essentially means that isnt actually possible anymore

as for the dark idea is more or less an entirely new system of chakras. i focus in meditation on a prospectus abstract concept i have and the information just flows into my mind

of course i have alot more info on the burgeoning system,but i dont want to pollute your introductory with a ramble,pm if you like though

I am sorry I have not heard of the burgeoning system before.

And I should clear something up because i think i also gave a false impression. When i said i had studied magic for a long time, I mean more through the arcana and Hermetic Philosophy in a natural sense. I am not familiar with the foundational texts that im sure a lot of you all share as part of your knowledge sets. Hence my arrive, since I am interested to spend time with a group that might have some more exposer to more traditional modern magic practises.

Hey Veil, good to see some of us are here learning the higher arts.

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Just got the kit for the divination so ill have a suss tonight and let you know what i think

no no,burgeoning is an adjective which means something akin to “still developing,busy emerging”

Welcome aboard, and welcome to the club for occultists with too many kids lol. Hopefully there can be some good exchange here for everyone. Practical alchemy isn’t something too many people have experience with here. Even my own experience only goes so far as a little but if Don Nonce’s (Nance? I forget) work.

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I no longer post, but I occasionally pm members.




Half way through the Divination course. Very errie that Mr. Koetting’s backstory is so similar to my own. Looking for more answers and power than the church was willing to share, however now that i understand the local jargon a bit better i would say that, while Mr. Koetting wanted results, faster, and sought the black path, I have searched for the ancient and more advanced arcana of the Right Path, and indeed, it is long and enduring before good results are met, at least for me personally, however things have met a new cross road for me, in that the ancient sciences that i study, Kabballah, Alchemy, Hermetics etc. are starting to no longer be seperate but are merging quickly into a unified whole, and now there is a big push in me to push hard into the practical development of the Living Imagination, since my theoretical understand of what a human ought to do once in those realms in order to acend quickly is getting rather deep.

So I hope that perhaps I could receive some help getting past some of these beginner blockages with unlocking the potential of my imagination.

I have had fairly significant brain damage over the years from various events and habits. I have some wrok to do there to remove brain fog, enhance the lucidity of the imagination, and increase me memory and self-cognissance. I have invested some thousands of dollars in the worlds best brain medicine ie: rare essential oils and mushroom oils for neurodevelopment, and various other oriental herbs and minerals etc. I love the lab so chemicals and herbs are my friends. However, I have never really extracted the benefits from any of my work, i just stockpile everything the the day that i build my cocoon and lock myself away for my transformation, which is getting very close to happening.

I purchased land with the main intention that i would have somewhere for ritual work and other transformational arcana, and once the company has become more stable I am going out for the 40 day cleansing and healing ritual.

Yeah my days of armchair philosophy are basically over. My old love and obession for wanting to gain these abilities and exist in the spirit world has came back strong recently and this time I am in it for the win.

One of my more selfish ambitions and just as a pinch test for me and these abilities that can be had, is that i used to be an opal miner in Coober Pedy. And by all rights, the Gnomes ought to be able to show me where Opal is. If I were able to do that, then my relationships with the gnomes would easily fund me to invest my full time into the occult and help bring this science forward. There are many things that I have to share in the space from my secluded studies, but I really need to empower myself before that so ‘the man’ doesnt keep ripping food off my table. Getting closer to that reality with the companies underway but still early days there and the fortunes are still yet to come.
Oh, ought to mention, I love to rant.

Oh just to clarify:
I ment the more advanced aspects of the right hand path, not that they were more advanced than the left hand path, just to be clear since i think that could have sounded rude.

Welcome:) I’m from Australia ! The record breaking state of Victoria :wink: Too much free time at home alone to read and practice Magick!

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