An interesting idea that Astaroth gave me

Hello boys, I had an interesting dream today… with astaroth in his feminine form, normally it usually appears towards me like man… when he appears as woman is because he wants to help me to accept my bisexuality (explained by himself), asking direct questions to me…so, today he explained to me that we have an internal pentagram, internal elements… that for example water is emotional and sexual. He told me that when I woke up I should write everything so I don’t forget because it can help me but I woke up! lol, and he/she can’t tell about the other elements… anyway, is this true? it’s very curious, I’ve never heard it before :exploding_head: :black_heart: :purple_heart: :dizzy: thnx for reading :3

There are correspondences of the elements that can be applied to people, an example of that is the Hebrew name of Jesus, the Pentagrammaton, which is the Tetragrammaton יהוה in which each letter represent one of the four elements, but with a letter shin in the middle, thus יהשוה, representing the dominion of the practitioner over the elements, being the letter shin representative of the spirit

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