An incredible tip to get results fast!

Hi guys, how you’re all doing?

Well, last night I was working with the great duke Sallos, but this time I called him just to chat. And that was the most perfect act of evocation that I possible had with him.

He was very pleased in a profound chat. By talking for wisdom, and having a good discussion within love in general, I felt in a powerful love state, almost crying by happiness and love.

And here I’m, feeling love trough me and with a feeling that I have made a strong bond with a friend. And that gives me thought: we’re on an urge for results but we always forget to form a bond, to talk, to get wisdom.

Today we’re running all day long to make shit happens but we always forgot to pause a bit, sit down and talk to an entity or even to ourselves. We let the life pass trough us and we don’t stop for minute and take any lessons for what is passing by us.

And that’s make me conclude: we’re so worried if our results will come or not that we forgot to form a bond with any entity that we’re working with. I said on another topic and I’ll say it here: it’s always a relationship, with some exchange here and there. But we’re so preoccupied in having results that we forget the most important: to have cooperation you need to know your “work buddy”.

So, if you can, stop what your doing for a second and evoke that spirit again. But just for a chat, where you’re trying to learn the most you can without pressing anything at all. Just like an “idle chat”. Do this and you’ll discover a lot of the entity, of your petition and believe me, a lot more of yourself.

And that way, your result will come faster than you can predict, or if it’s the case, yourself will change so much in the process that your previous petition will give place to a new one, much more effective that you can imagine. All of that because the bond that you formed and wisdom that you get.

So stop, breath and do this. I promisse you, you’ll feel great.

I always do this but today Sallos touched me to talk this with you guys. And I hope that some of you really seek this advice.

Btw: thank you again, Sallos. I know that’s you speaking through me and I feel pleasured with it. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I have issues with going from working relationships to friend relationships with the beings i work with. I recently had one attempt to bridge the gap to being more of a friend and I was so thrown off I inadvertently gave them a slap in the face. I think its good to have both kinds of relationships, but it needs to be done on good starting grounds for sure. I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience and i will keep this in mind for building future bonds and maybe fixing my current one

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Well, supposing that’s happened in physical world, all I can say to you is: have look in the situation searching for the point that things changed. Maybe that guy never gave you a possibility to form a friendship but you try it anyways and that was the breaking point. Looking through the situation can make you learn a lot. The best lessons are within mistakes.

About forming a bond with any entity, that’s necessary for any magician. You can do the petition and it’s ok but eventually a bond will be formed. But what I’m telling here is to pursuit more than services. I can grant to you: certain forces will be praised if you give them an ear.

I see a lot of people here in Brazil forming a strong bond with Exu or Pomba Gira entities. Some form with Maria Padilha, some with Navalha, some with Cigana and that’s makes their jobs mostly certain. They need to ask once to things happen. It’s really amazing.

Also I see a lot of people doing angelic jobs with majesty. Another ones have a strong bond with Lucifer and no harm at all, in fact, they have only benefits. You can form a bond with some catholic saints, even with Jesus if you’re RHP. Or you can form bonds with demons with no backfires (my case).

Remember: even the entities that come from human beings, like Maria Padilha for example, they’re to much more evolved than us. You can go to them without fear and if you feel uncomfortable, say the reason and left the conversation respectfully. By doing this you’ll find what suits you more, I think.

Study first, ask for wisdom after. That’s a powerful combination always.


I need to bring some words to you, guys. Hope it reaches who needs to hear them.

Sallos asked me tonight to spread a word of love. So let me tell you: if you wish to you deserve love, no matter what kind of it. Love isn’t less matter than anything but one of the most important things that we have.

If you’re are with any love issues, call Sallos and ask for his wisdom.

Sallos will promptly help you. Altough he can say some few things that might hurt your feelings, they’re for your growth.

Sallos is a great hearted guy so work with him. Talk to him often and you’ll see an incredible growth in wisdom regarding love.

Sallos is the demon of love. And he does his job well.

Again Hail Duke Sallos.


Hopefully you are still online. I haven’t worked with Sallos yet, would he be one easy to pick up working with? I’m going to make an attempt because you catch my interest with what you’re saying about him, but I’d love some thoughts on what I’m getting into from someone heavily working with him

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So I attempted to connect with Sallos and used his Enn and meditated while going to bed. This morning right before waking up and while thinking I was awake, I had a vision that had a ticket like from Willy Wonka except no words and just a pink full moon on it. Any idea how I should interpret this, since you work with him regularly

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Nicely put man. That is exactly what is needed. You can make good friends, loyal friends, wise friends and mentors. Not just servants.


What you’ll get it’s only to you to know. I can’t predict how your first contact will be, it can be nothing, and you’ll need to work more or it can be so powerfull that will shake your world.

And I can’t say that all because it’ YOUR work. The only advice I can do is to put your shit together and do it. To master something you have to start on somepoint. Just do it on and on and keep a note on the results, ok?

I see it as a metaphorical “welcome”. And that’s awesome.

But I think that will be better for you to ask for wisdom on this. Who can tell best than who send the message?

Just know that’s a good message. Just keep calling him and work with him, always taking notes on the outcomes. You’ll grow a lot, believe in me.


Looking into what his sigil looks like, the pink full moon reminded me of his sigil since it did have markings on it. I take the pink colour as being he is going to help me in my romantic endeavours that i am embarking on making happen so I’m going into this open minded. When I have the ability to PM I’ll definitely start discussing this with you on a very serious level to learn some things, if you’d be alright with that

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If I’m here I’ll be glad to help. :slight_smile:

But learn this: if you’re serious on grow relations or learn something, isn’t me that you need to look for…

These entities can make you grow to the top. Don’t negligence their help. Go for them, always.


Definitely will be utilizing help from the entities i work with for primary form of growth. I personally feel I have better steps towards growth if I am able to discuss my results and progress with someone else who has worked with similar situations

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Can you send me a PM when you get online next. Would love to have a chance to talk to you

I love this post!!!


Wow… I haven’t been on here for a while but man, that’s the realest shit I’ve read since I joined this site. I am so blessed to have met you… Ladies and gentlemen: This guy is the truth and fucking amazing. He knows what he is talking about. He just gave us a TON of game FOR FREE!!! That right there is the secret…Thank you man. Pomba Gira, Sallos and all the other spirits you work with have chosen VERY well… Salute!!! Cause you fucking deserve it! Hands down. Now I wanna give a special thank you to all the spirits that helped this man become who he is today… THANK YOU!

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