An important part of baneful magick

In EA’s book Baneful Magick to me the most important part is this: when you curse someone, before they suffer how you like or die, their life will appear to get better after beginning to sour. In reality, they are closer to their demise.

I wanted to share this because I have doubted my work in the past and I read a lot of posts where someone believes their ritual didn’t work. In turn, (as it explains in the book) you inadvertently call back the very entities you called to dispatch your target in the first place, ending the work before it’s finished.

I truly hope this helps someone. For the part I referred to, go to page 112.


Interesting aspect. I definitively have to read more about it. :sunny:

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Holding onto the result works against what we ultimately want. I’ve read so many posts that question why it appears their curse isn’t working. By concentrating on the fact that it appears not to be working, we are actually working against it being successful when it was close to completion.

I know how disheartening it can be to see someone who has hurt you so deeply appear to be happy when you are miserable. It’s unfair. Then we feel like we did something wrong when in fact the curse that we performed is working. Once I read that, so many things clicked into place for me. I felt I had to share. Knowledge is definitely power.