An Important Message From the Demon Lords themselves

There is a message that the high ranking demon lords seem to be spreading lately, because other people I know (my coven, associates, etc) are reporting pretty much the same thing. So, for those who haven’t been told this already here it is.

I’m paraphrasing and adding my own shit:

"The concept / idea / notion of an illusion is actually an illusion, ironically. All experience is valid - every thing you experience, be it a dream, an evocation, soul travel or what have you is right there, and you are experiencing it, and it has an impact on you. Just because someone else is not experiencing what you are experiencing, that doesn’t make it an illusion.

If you’re at a party, and you are getting bad vibes or are feeling lonely, while everyone else is getting good vibes and are enjoying themselves, is your emotional experience an “illusion?” Just because it does not match other people’s experience?

What people call an illusion is an experience that deviates from their consensus reality, their experienced reality.

Every experience is an experience, and it has an impact on you; therefore, it’s not an “Illusion.”

The idea of an illusion is useful, though, in order to operate in the consensus reality. Since humans share a perceived reality, it’s far more convenient to pretend that that is the true reality, and everything else that deviates from it is an “illusion.”

That’s it. The idea of an “illusion” is simply a convenient tool that helps you navigate in your day-to-day environment. If you were distracted by any “anomaly,” it would be difficult to for you to operate in your environment.

Obviously, the human senses are very limited, so the perceived reality is not the ultimate reality. To some higher lifeform, our perceived reality is “an illusion” because we can’t perceive what the higher lifeform is perceiving.

You’ll often hear the materialists that everything but the material naturalistic world is an illusion (or a delusion). Then you’ll have the mystics who will tell you “The Self is an illusion.” If the Self is an illusion, who is the one being deceived? It’s ridiculous.

Case in point: Every experience is valid, as it has an impact on you. It’s right there, and you are experiencing it. And, even for a moment, it is your reality. Don’t doubt your experience, but be mindful of the convenient tools that will help you operate in your mundane reality / consensus reality."


Thank you, I have been dwelling on reality vs illusion for a while. @Baal, please thank the Demon Lords for me for that.


You may find the H.p. lovecrafts work “the silver key” of interest. This is a passage from it.

“He had read much of things as they are, and talked with too many people. Well-meaning philosophers had taught him to look into the logical relations of things, and analyse the processes which shaped his thoughts and fancies. Wonder had gone away, and he had forgotten that all life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no difference betwixt those born of real things and those born of inward dreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other.”


@Fuego, oh they already know. But, I think they would appreciate if you would just let one of them know of your gratitude.

@Dinmiatus, ah, that is quite interesting. Makes sense, too.


Done. Just made a short invocation to them in thanksgiving, ended with Amen.


Nice. :slight_smile:

An easy way to express your gratitude towards the Infernal Divine, the Demonic Lords, etc is to praise Chavajoth or Azerate (preferably Chavajoth because it’s more of an accurate name).

Chavajoth is the collective name of 11 demon rulers of Qliphoth