An eyeball with wings appeared

Hit the search button no answer.
Anyone familiar with an entity that takes form as and eyeball or “all seeing eye” with gargantuan wings? Was involved in some workings and was just curious if anyone has any information. ((Serious feedback only…))

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Sounds like a cherub to me.


I concur with @Prophet Traditionally, angels have often been described as appearing in such forms. The humanoids with wings that most people picture when they think about angels are actually a more recent invention. In the Bible, for example, angels are described as appearing as wheels of fire, many eyes with wings, and other more terrifying forms. There was a reason Gabriel told Mary to “Be not afraid” when he first appeared to her, after all.


Agreeing with the cherub idea, I believe Azrael was of that class of Angels. Traditionally, he was associated with many wings and eyes all over his body, Might be something to look into it.


It sounds also like Ophanim angel, they are descripted as eye-covered wheels.


Could well be an angel, could also be this:


Thank you all for the help…I am delving into this research as we speak.

It doesnt have wings persay but possibly a beholder?


When I saw it appear it was shadow form all black. I could sense how gargantuan it was…it was just looking and watching. About to just research everything and see if i find what i encountered. It happened after i set an offering to Lucifer.
The pupil in the middle was alive and shifting and the wings basically where wide…no colors all dark…it could be what Prophet said…suppose I’ll meditate and see why.

Thanks C.Wilsom

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One last thing…it appeared from the North of my altar. Again I appreciate the comments. If no one has any concrete data I’ll take as a mystery I have to unfold myself.