An experiment for those who frequently contact King Paimon

I have tried this before and got some interesting results, but I would like a bit more data before making any assumptions. If you frequently contact King Paimon, next time please try using the names “Tammuz” “Dammuzid” or “Geshtinanna” when calling him instead of “Paimon” (ideally on separate occasions if possible). If he comes to you without being called, please ask him if those are names of his or whether they are familiar.

Please let me know what your experience was here after trying!

After getting a bit more information from him, I might make a new thread explaining my reasoning in this in more detail.



These names do have something to do with Him. However, I am not willing to divulge this too openly on the forum, because personally, I’m really fed up with the usual ”why do LHP occultists always have to try and make forced connections lol“ retorts whenever anyone so much as hints at possible pre-Goetic connections. So, before these same people who always make these same comments come on, I’d like to say there ARE connections, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is always conflating entities or mix-and-matching pantheons as they please. Sorry, this went a bit off-topic. Back on topic: I personally have not called King Paimon by these names, but He told me that there’s a thread connecting Him to these names, that’s pretty much how He expressed it. He has indicated several times that He is ”beyond King Paimon“, meaning He was known under different names before some people made up the Goetic system.


Am I correct in understanding that you want to know if King Paimon was Tammuz (deity of fertility in Syro-Phoenician mythology) and / or Geshtinana (goddess from Sumerian and mythology) in ancient times? If so, then personally I would not put an “equal sign” between them. In any case, I have not received confirmation that King Paimon was precisely Tammuz or precisely Geshtinanna.

To be fair most of ya’ll confuse connections with being the same, so you cannot necessarily get upset when people want the entities they work with to not always have their achievements and presence shoved into another entity simply to satiate the subconscious issue some people have with entities being demons or djinn as if those two things are such a bad thing to be. Entities can have connections and not be the same entity or have connections and not need to be merged together.

pre-goetic connections isn’t so much the issue because ofc these beings have lives before they became the rank geotia but doesn’t mean the God or whatever was like “you know what I’ma just go become a goetia that’s the career move right there”

As for the topic with my connections with Paimon, he has from time to time mentioned how he has a relation with Azrael but he does not call Azrael an angel, just that they go way back. But he has not openly claimed other names.


If I don’t make forced connections, no one will connect to me.


Not necessarily. I’m just prodding for now. I’m not willing to commit to a hard “equals sign” in this matter, either.