An experience with Lilith and Samael? Satariel?

I was reading through OAA material and Karlssons Qlippothic and Goetic magic.
Yesterday at work a customer grifted (obvious to me), to make me give twenties out instead of singles. I caught it however and asked the manager to count the till on the spot, the customer gave a lame excuse and left. I later explained I knew what twenties were in the till and how he was palming the bills. I am not sure this is relevant, but I had been thinking about Satariel.
Today I was going through Karlssons book, and writing out the Qlippothic mantras in a restaurant patio. As I recited the Satariel mantra under my breath, the sun slipped beneath clouds and people appeared out of nowhere. My stomach and heart area got warm.
I changed the spot and started chanting the mantra for Lilith, and as I recited it thirteen times, my eyes fell on bouncing breasts of a woman crossing the street and my eyes landed on a large moss covered tree, and a woman’s face was discerned. It then had a few more faces on the side. I had been concentrating on the root chakra.
Finally chanted the mantra for Samael while thinking about the path from Lilith to Samael, had itching around the side of my left eyebrow.

What exactly is the effect expected, individual or common experiences?


Does anyone have them??? :flushed: