An experience with grounding just now

I’m smoking my cigarette after envisioning being in an astral war and my blood pressure and anxiety are rising.

I’m told to ground myself.

I walk down the deck onto grass and soil and close my eyes.

An indigo circle of protection surrounds me that cannot be broken.

Roots shoot down from my feet mingling with a huge oak tree.

I start to become an oak tree, and as roots hit bedrock, all of a sudden I am layered inside and out of armored bedrock and living oak tree.

I open my eyes and am calmer.

Whenever anxiety overtakes you, immediately ground yourself and transform the anxiety into energy power.


It also helps to not immediately pound your system with cigarettes, coffee and sugar upon waking, but rather air and water.


I guess that was a ward and grounding in one and came naturally.

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Work in progress (I am)…Ehhh…yes.



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Thanks for sharing this with us! Great idea! :smirk:

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Had to do it again. Apparently someone wanted to test me again.