An excercise to speak to and hear spirits when evoked

RavensAscent http://here/ and Euoi http://here/ have both posted excellent methods of communicating with spirits.

I’m just adding another method using the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. These execercise combine three mehods. Two I figured out myself and one I incorporate from another source which I’ll cite.

I find these quick exercises very helpful. Propitious if you will, in speaking to and hearing spirits very clearly. As if carrying on a conversation back and forth with a human.

The Conscious Mind – Ensconced yourself in a TOTAL dark room. Preferably a large closet with a door with no windows. But any dark room will do. Make sure there is ABSOLUTE silence. Now listen to that silence. As you listen to that silence. Try and force your inner hearing to listen beyond that surface silence. Kind of like scrying. In scrying, you look beyond the surface of the mirror. Flip that to your hearing. Listen into the silence of the silence.

Do this exercise for as long (week or so) until you can hear the susurration of this darkness. Or until you can hear beyond the surface of the darkness. Start with your eyes open. As your hearing gets deeper into the darkness, you can gradually close your eyes to focus more and go even deeper.

Now the second phase is to listen to classical music that has a lot of different instruments playing. I use ‘Moonlight Sonata al chiaro de luna’ by Beethoven – ‘Lacrimosa’ by Mozart – ‘Spring Waltz’ by Chopin. But you could use whatever classical music, as long as there is a symphony of sounds.

Like listening to the darkness, listen the symphony with a ‘critic’s ear.’ This means, try to hear the instruments as an individual piece. Trying to recognize the contrasting instruments in use. Whether that is a piano, a flute, violin or oboe. Just try identifying the different sounds. If you can’t name the instrument. It doesn’t matter. As long as you can tell that the sound hitting your ear, is from a different instrument. The source for the orchestra method

The above excercises are for you to hear your spirits.

The Subconscious Mind – While in this darkness, speak to yourself using your subconscious mind. What does that mean? Without being audible, verbalize the words internally. Not imagine you’re speaking, but actually speak the words out loud only your thoughts can hear. Think of yourself as a ventriloquist to your subconscious. You are giving the right side of your brain, affirmations of conscious speech. Setting the intention for it to be cogent. This way (in my experience) you don’t speak with a drawl or sound like a backward playing record when trying to verbalize your thoughts to the entity.

You can say a poem, say gibberish or even “How now brown cow.” It doesn’t matter what you’re saying to your subconscious. As long as it is internalize and you can hear it out loud with only your inner ear.

The above sub excercise is for you to speak to your spirits.

These exercises are to be done in a meditative state when your brain waves are between beta and alpha On the cusp of alpha.

Again, this is what I did. And before this, I was using telepathy to communicate. After I became proficient at communicating with spirit. In what I would say a month’s time. I was giving a proud smile by one who said, not in so many words, but “Yes, I’m proud of what you are able to do now in communicating with me.”

So have fun. But remember, after you have mastered the art of speaking and hearing your spirits, keep your senses sharp by (now and then) practicing the above exercise along with other exercises you have learned.

~ Just my two sense.

Nice but one quedtion: How in the world do you get absolute silence? I live in an apartment and that is impossible.

You can get absolute silence if you have earplugs or something to put in your ears to stop external noise(even headphones).
By the way very good exercises ‘‘man’’

Also you can use something like sleep masks to cover your eyes in darkness,so you don’t have to keep them closed all the time you meditate.

A simple strip of cloth or ladies’ silk scarf will also work, or a robe - even a thick towelling bathrobe - with a hood that can be pulled down over your eyes.

Remember this world is just the level of reality that we’re most attuned to, at least some of us believe this, so tuning it out using materials also from this same world, like a strip of cloth or some good quality earplugs, is completely in harmony with the endeavour to attune MORE to other levels of reality.

If you’re careful about the volume levels, you could also use white noise or any of the various mind-altering tones and frequencies you can find on YT played through headphones.

I say be careful of the volume because you don’t want the masking sound so loud you develop tinnitus, or damage your hearing.