An entity who presides over time

Is anyone aware of an entity who presides over time and space? Preferably with a way to invoke it.


And search function/Google for the 2nd question.


Fotamecus : a sigil turned conscious and become a servitor?

I greatly recommend fotamecus

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Yes. I have invoked Fotamecus many times. He/it actually works! Minutes seem like seconds. Hours like minutes.

Albert Einstein said that time and space was “relative”. If you’re sitting on hot coals, a minute can seem like an eternity. When you’re having fun, an eternity can seem like a minute.

To a God, a thousand years is nothing but a day. (To paraphrase the Holy Bible.)


wait so he only changes your perception of time?

I think that you will find that time is ENTIRELY perception. Time is a way for the human mind to measure change, nothing more. Its a fairly recent invention to measure time any more precisely than sunrise/sunset and seasons


Yeah but say if I change my perception of time, thats not going to say , make a train come faster objectively so I can get somewhere on time. Thats just going to make the wait feel faster, which is pretty much similar to taking drugs that induce amnesia.

To make a train come on time, think about the mechanics of the train running in the first place. There are ways to magickally tweak that process so the train arrives faster. This isn’t really manipulation of the timeline, and a lot easier (i would think) than manipulating a timeline

The beauty of magick is that it can truly be applied ANYWHERE in a chain of events to produce ANY result you want.


Just necroing this thread because it helped me find fotamecus dude legit works wonders have been traveling for 13 hours now and it legit doesn’t even seem that long dudes great.

Also, Saturn. Amongst the reasons there may be changing the past; in that case, an occultist wrote that he can’t because he don’t want to, himself. But who knows, maybe it was only a point of view.