An Encounter with Amy a Demoness

I had a lucid dream a few days ago in which I tried to summon the goetic demon Amy. Towards the end of the dream, a woman in a pink suit walked towards me. I called, “Amy?” She said nothing, but had a slight smirk on her face. She looks very similar to the photo below.



And what’s your interpretation?

I really do not know.

Could she be using the form of that spirit you made? Looks a bit similar, except no glasses (insert The Interview lasik joke). :smiley:

But why? She said nothing and she did nothing. Amy did not really help me at all.

Maybe just saying hello, to see if you wanted to take it further?

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Maybe if you add some more interpretations to her looks, her way to dress, the colors of her suit, her bodylanguage and her facial expression. There’s a subliminal message here, and an authoritative representation. Maybe a business offer, or a deal in the face of a lawyer or an attorney.

What does her choice of the color pink reveals about her? What subliminal message could that color mean for you?

Pink represent compassion, nurturing and love. It also represent, on the opposite side, lack of will power, a lack of self-reliance and a lack of self-worth.

Her suit in itself, can represent authority, since she is an authoritative demon and hierarchical in her realm.

My conclusion: She means business and want to set a deal.


She wants to make a deal? With a worthless, puny, human bum like me? I feel so honored.

Now, if this translates into financial opportunities on the physical realm, then I’m game!

If not, screw her! I have no time for games.

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Well, I don’t know about that. I just shared my impression and interpretation of how you described her. I could be wrong, and if I am, then shame on me. But I could also be right, or at least pretty close. That’s for you to find out.



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I have no experience that I know of.
The Goetia seems pretty vague concerning its form (I don’t believe ethereal beings have a sex).
Flames then later forms as Human shape?
I’ve seen a lot of that.
Maybe it’s Amy…,
I do love a good campfire…

It is perhaps a sign of accedence to your requests. Amy is a visionary demon. If you are wanting to know about making magical talismans or an amulet, or enns working with Amy will increase your chances of success. As well as insights on knowledge and prescience.

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Kind of a confusing reaction here.

I’ve learned to not be overly aggressive or disrespectful to them. Knowing your reaction here, since they can read unshielded beings relatively easily, she might just leave now (and spread the word). And they might be more forgiving knowing mankind is patient and on the death clock. It’s no skin off their noses much like a guy or gal across town wouldn’t care (or 99.9% of the world for that matter).

As to the sex… I disagree. Even if it’s only mental and spiritual it’s pretty real. They listen and those that are fond of humans they work with sometimes give gifts. I had a shitty day yesterday and my foot was killing me. After my usual rounds at midnight my foot felt a hell of a lot better and all day.

Course, I’m trying to soak in every last bit of cthonic vibration I can at my skill and I enjoy invocation, obsession, and try for deeper and deeper possession towards OBE and deeper. I’m trying to find the bottom of the rabbit hole no matter the cost because my other option isn’t a great option at all.