An argument for insanity

alright, I know this has no practical value, and is a completely theory based discussion. I know that you guys are focused more on results rather than theory, but we are the ones who need to talk about theory the most. we are the ones who everyday test this reality and see what we can form it into. we don’t talk about magic, we experiment with it, we experience it. we are the alchemist toiling away in our labs, while the charlatans denounce us as puffers and put on their shows for the kings and queens. I hope their heads roll.

my point is, we are the people who need to be figuring shit out, after all, we are the one pushing the boundaries.

before we go into this discussion I feel you should know something about me. I’m a total fool, not out of ignorance, but by choice. I’m the kinda guy who has to do everything the wise men of the village told you not to do, usually because they learned themselves why not to do it. I have experienced various levels of success with magic, and various levels of madness from it. sometimes I was both equally insane and successful. I learn by trial and error, study and practice, a no sacred stone will be left unturned.

many of you may find this discussion heretical. good, I hope your offended, that means you will put in a good argument for why this is not the case. the entire point of this thread is to encourage discussion.

I’ve been wondering if all of this is strictly psychological. I don’t mean that we are just experiencing a placebo, I mean what if were the one’s creating the entities, tapping into some energetic current that the entity is representative of. I did a stichtomancy reading on this subject and the passage that I found was talking about a heart pumping blood. I found this to be oddly appropriate. the heart is the entity that we create(azazel, belial, raphael, etc… these entities may also later function as psychological archetypes. hence once you summon the entity “it is with you from the beginning to the end of time”) the blood is the energetic current we are tapping into (whatever effect is associated with the entity). This allows us to rewrite reality in a way we see fit.

the question is if we are just interacting with energy then why give it human form? why were these archetypes created in the first place? I believe the answer lies within these tiny little nerve cells.

these allow us to observe something, and replicate that internally. this may be why we become more like the things we summon(and possibly the concept behind becoming like your prey in vampirism. for some reason these may be “overreacting”). we are designed for human contact, and communication, and I feel our connection to the “otherside” works in the same way. the only way we can truly understand something is to dress it up in a form we can understand.

if this is true then being a magician is simply looking into the eye of god, and realize it is nothing more than a mirror. there is nothing out there, just us looking at ourselves. and once you realize that, you can step up to the empty throne and take your rightful place.

I look forward to an entertaining discussion.

There’s a bit where E.A. quotes Azazel in a post, he talks about this:

That ties in so closely with the work I’ve been doing since last November it totally fired me up and made me fuck-damn sure I had to be here and learning from this community, and E.A.

I know a link’s a crappy answer, but please read it, it’s beautiful and brilliant and perfect!

Then of course there’s the First Law of the Kybalion - the universe is a mental thing, a thought, I can’t do it justice but it should be easily findable online.

I have noticed insanity seems to be a key. It makes magic almost effortless as I get out of my own way and let magic flow.

that quote from the BoA is one of the things that inspired my questions. in a way I owe everything to the BoA. If I wouldn’t have bought that book, I would have never left my comfortable armchair and taken up practicing.

It’s not easy to define “insanity” since we need to believe in our own powerful reality rather than the “consensual reality” of the masses.

the masses will find anything or anyone too outside the normative culture insane. in our way what we are infected with is “divine madness”(jung’s term). it can probably by normal standards be termed insanity, but is something that, obviously to anyone who has any actual experience with it, something that is highly beneficial.

the entire point is to make your reality stronger than consensual reality, or at least strong enough to circumvent it. I believe this is why true strength lies with secrecy, and paradoxically why identifying with a group may be beneficial. so long as their isn’t a conflict of wills in the group each reality is strengthened by the awareness their are others doing the same goddamn thing. or I could just be over thinking it lol.

What you’re thinking is the same stuff I’ve been thinking for months now… I seriously actually joined here on the basis the name was so out there, that even if you were all just total headcases, it was worth it because I figured you’d all at least be reaching for the stars - I was on a couple of groups back when this kind of stuff was done via e-mail, and oh boy did I get into a lot of trouble by hanging out with people who exist to tear down anyone they think is doing better.

Looking at with with my god-head on, I totally manifested that because I wasn’t yet ready, I wanted excuses to be held back, and that of course is always another level on this path to bear in mind - as (a) God, you have no more excuses, no more enemies, nothing to fear because everything exists to empower you, and everything “bad” you attract into your life is there to propel you to the heights.

It’s not an easy concept to live with 24/7…