An apology, and a thanks

A few days ago, I became angered with King Asmodeus over something trivial. I was tired and cranky and I make the mistake of insulting him. The next thing I knew, he had manifested in my room, along with a host of terrifying visions. In my logical mind, I knew they weren’t real, but my base instinct was to flee or curl into a ball. I suddenly saw him in the chair across from me as a man in a suit with a larger-than-human grin, with far too many teeth. This mental torment was the result of a tiny fraction of his power and will. He was toying with me, and I was terrified.
I very quickly apologized to King Asmodeus, and offered him several things by way of penance. One of these things was a public apology and praise. After I made peace with him, he generously offered to continue working with me on a piece of baneful magick. He has already delivered results, and I was foolish to question him. All hail King Asmodeus!


:rofl: sorry am laughing! It dosnt take them much to scare us! Really they actually walk on eggshells around us to keep our sanity!


Awww, that was a humble apology. :heart:


It really doesn’t! The visions were of creatures crawling out of my cabinets, and shadowy figures behind every door, peeking through the doorways and stalking me. It was 3am. King Asmodeus told me later that he thought it was amusing to watch me freaking out, and I can’t blame him. He is somewhat known for his sense of humor, after all.


we are human … sometimes we can be wrong … the important thing is to apologize! Hail Asmodeus !!! :heart:


I am sorry this happened but happy you were able to work it out. :slight_smile:


Relax and have a cup of :coffee: :wink:

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Well damn. A bit much on his part don’t you think? That’s the quickest way for an entity to get blacklisted in my book.

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Well, these kinds of entities, they are so easily to be furious

He didn’t physically harm me, and to be fair, I did refer to him as a “vile fucker” which would piss anyone off. He was more just reprimanding me for being rude and flexing a bit. And as @Ryan_magills said, beings with that much power are easy to anger if you attempt to bully them. And as I said, his results are undeniable, so for now he’s not blacklisted.