Amy, Avnas, elusive great spirit

Hello all. Greetings. This being my first post I do apologize if anything here has been covered. I recently entered into a pact with Amy, Avnas. I generally go in blind with a new spirit so I dont have pre conceptions. This was no different. Upon entry Amy was very electric, a silhouette of hot blue electricity, a muscly bald man. If anyone has seen the movie Prometheus, think of the being at the beginning that is muscly and all white. That said, I immediately heard the name Prometheus. The connection between Amy and Prometheus from what I can tell is not documented but the similarities are many. My first question would be has anyone else made this connection? Perhaps he is a child of the Titans? Second, the smoke manifested many djinn like aspects which I later found out was connected to Amy as well. His other aspects Hanni and Hanar really started coming through the more I work with him, middle eastern djinn aspects. I actually said to myself mid ritual, “hes like a genie in a bottle”. That said, I find him very elusive. Almost as if hes testing my abilities, or making me grow as I work with him. I, in bad taste, called him a whack a mole, bad idea. I dont think he got the joke as I immediately felt his energy shift toward suspicion. I apologized and we moved on. So, has anyone else experienced Amy as being suspicious and overly cautious? He has told me several times now that hes been abused by people and doesnt trust easily but I feel im only getting a sliver of what hes actually doing. Thank you all, and dark blessings!

-Heralclus (sludgewar)


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President Amy is a great spirit to work with. I’ve worked with him five or six times mostly on writing projects and he really helped tremendously.

As far as not trusting easily I think alot of Goetic spirits are like that because of the amount of people that use them and dump them or fail to give them the agreed on rewards.

On a side note it is my personal belief that the reason why newcomers to evocation get no results is because the spirit doesn’t know the person and doesn’t want to show up. That and failure to create a quality psychic connection with the spirit is probably the second most common reason.

In north African culture about 1,000 years ago the introduction rites were practiced where a practicioner would formally introduce a spirit to another practicioner. This way the spirit knows who the practicioner is and that he comes recommended.

I think it’s great your trying to cultivate a relationship with Amy he’s definitely worth it. Good luck.


Very interesting, thank you. If I’m called to a spirit or deity I always want to cultivate a genuine bond. Having initiated through Belial and Lucifer I do believe my place in solid standing with the Infernal, they are both with me and are now a permanent part of me. Saying that Amy does have a “been hurt before so I’m guarded” essence more so than any other I’ve encountered so far. It’s a shame people have mistreated these spirits in the past. He’s also rather reserved and quiet in his disposition but not his appearance. Was surprised by that. Doesn’t talk much, definitely not a beginner spirit as he’s really making me work to access him. Though this is my experience, others may differ I’m sure.

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