Amulets made of herbs

Magical sachets, also known as “herbal amulets” (or talismans), consist of herbs and other materials tied into pieces of cloth.
some sachets repel certain energies and illness; others attract specific situations or forces to you.

The sachet can be worn daily as a personal strength booster or placed on an altar for magical support.
Sachets are easy to prepare and have a long history.

The fabric was not always used. Herbs used to be worn in horns, seashells, leather and fur pouches and medallions. Magic rings were turned into amulets by placing herbs under a stone.

Thus, the energies of the gemstone and herbs worked together for a magical purpose. Herbs were sewn into clothes for protection.

Preparation of sachets:

Most often, a handful or slightly less of an energized herbal mixture is taken to make a sachet, the amount depends on the desired size of the sachet. Sachets intended for use at home are usually larger in size than those that are carried with them.

First, mix the herbs. Charge them with your magic target. Know that herbs vibrate with specific, programmed energies that are released to accomplish a goal.

Secondly, select the fabric of the desired color. Choose natural fabrics such as felt, wool or cotton. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, disrupt the vibration frequency of herbs.

Cut the fabric into squares from ten to twenty-two centimeters diagonally. Place the charged mixture in the middle of the fabric, gather the ends and tie them tightly. The grass was inside the bag. To tie it, take a natural rope such as wool yarn or cotton twine.

Stock up on a large ball of yarn and fabric in a variety of colors. Felt is well suited, it is available in different shades.

Using a sachet:

if this is a personal amulet, then take it in your hand, squeeze it gently so that the sachet highlights the fragrance, and always carry it with you.

if the sachet is intended for a house or car, squeeze it and place it in the most suitable place.

every three months, replace the sachet with a fresh copy, and scatter the old ones and bury them in the ground.


Sasha vs the sorcerers
1 part of dill seeds
1 part flaxseed
Tie 1 part of the peony root
in a white cloth, wear it on yourself or with you, hang it over doors and windows.

Sasha vs the Sorcerers No. 2
1 piece of clover (carnations)
1 part of verbena
1 part of St. John’s wort
Tie 1 part of the dill
in a white cloth and wear it on yourself. to protect the house, hang it in the window.

Sasha against thieves
2 parts rosemary
1 piece of juniper
1 part cumin seeds
1 piece of elderberry
Tie 1 pinch of garlic
in a white cloth and hang it over the front door to protect the dwelling and its contents. if you don’t like the smell of garlic, replace it with a pinch of crushed garlic peel.

sachet against toothache
1 tablespoon of salt
1 piece of bread crumb
Tie 1 small piece of charcoal
in a piece of red silk and carry it with you when you get a toothache. go to the dentist and make sure that the sachet works!

A “special” love sachet
4 pieces of rose petals
1 piece of orange peel
1/2 pieces of carnation petals
Mix 1 pinch of
gypsophides, tie it in a pink cloth and wear it on yourself.

money sachet
3 parts of patchouli
2 pieces of cloves
1 piece of oak lichen
1 piece of cinnamon
tie 5 green cloth and wear with sobs:- to attract money.

a remedy for nightmares (beware!)
1 part lupine
1 part of heliotrope (or sunflower)
1 part of marshmallow pharmacy
1 part sorrel
1 piece of elderberry
1 part of Poland
1 piece of strawberry leaves
1 piece of yew berries *
tie it in a light blue or white fabric. hang it on the headboard of the bed closer to your head. This ancient formula cures hydrophobia and protects against leprosy of a brownie! The effectiveness of this formula is not guaranteed.

protective sachet
3 parts of dill seed
2 parts of cumin seeds
1 part flaxseed
Tie 1 pinch of salt
in a white or red cloth and carry it with you for protection.

protective sachet No. 2
2 parts oregano
1 piece of angelica root
1 part dill seed
Tie 1 part of the carnation
in a white cloth and place it on the window.

The sachet of the sacred knot
3 parts of the root are swung
1 dried red pepper
1 corn grain
Wrap 1 pinch of crushed turquoise
in a white cloth and hide it at the front
door (or in a flower pot) to protect the home and give it strength.

a sachet to protect the car
3 parts rosemary
2 pieces of juniper
2 parts of the baselik
1 piece of fennel
1 part wormwood
1 part of verbena
Tie 1 pinch of salt
in a red cloth. hide it somewhere in the car where it cannot be detected. and drive carefully: sasha does not protect you from driving mistakes.

Sasha’s money
3 parts patchouli
2 pieces of cloves
1 part of Evernia
1 part cinnamon
tie it in a green cloth and wear it to attract money.

Sasha of healing
2 parts cinnamon
2 pieces of sandalwood
1 piece of rose petals
1 part cayenne pepper
1 part ginger
Tie 1 part of the rue
in a blue or purple cloth. anoint the sachet with eucalyptus oil and wear it or hang it over the bed.


have a mixture of herbs with you (the energy ritual is performed with a ready-made composition). Before the ritual, close your eyes for about ten seconds. Slowly inhale and exhale, relax your mind.
Open your eyes and start:

The ritual:
light a candle of a color appropriate to the nature of the mixture. Hold a bottle or flask with a mixture in your hands. Feel the energy contained in the mixture, which you have not yet directed in the right direction. Visualize yourself with the type of energy desired to charge the mixture. Now start accumulating your personal energy. Do it slowly, straining your muscles, starting from your legs. When your whole body is tense, visualize the concentration of energy in your hands. Then imagine how its flow is directed to the mixture in the form of shimmering white waves that flow from your palms and enter the herbs. When you feel that the energy has left you and entered the herbs, jerk your hands down and shake them vigorously for a few seconds. This will stop the flow of energy coming from you.
The ritual of charging with energy has been completed.

A spicy rose sachet
1 part of a rose is for love
1 part rosemary - for memories
1 piece of hibiscus — for refined beauty
1 piece of carnation - for dignity
1 part of chamomile - for energy in misfortune
, tie it in a pink cloth and give it to someone you love.

sachets for travel protection
1 part mustard seeds
1 part of the comfrey pharmacy
1 piece of Irish moss
Tie 1 part of the brown algae
in a white or yellow cloth. take it with you on trips, and also put one sachet in each suitcase and travel bag.

Yule sachet of twelve herbs
7 pieces of juniper
4 parts cinnamon
4 pieces of Jamaican pepper
4 pieces of ginger
4 parts of cumin
2 parts of nutmeg
2 parts rosemary
2 parts lemon zest
2 pieces of orange peel
1 piece of cloves
1 piece of laurel
Tie 2 pinches of violet root
in a green or red cloth and give it on Yuletide or All Saints’ Day.

Sasha of wealth
2 parts cinnamon
2 parts lemon balm
1 piece of lapchatka
1 piece of cloves
1 whole vanilla bean
1 whole bean of dipteryx
, crush the vanilla bean and mix all the ingredients. charge them with energy. tie it in a purple or green fabric. carry it with you to increase wealth and establish an influx of money.

sachet for the weather (carefully!)
1 part white mistletoe *
1 part cedar
1 piece of broom
Tie 1 part of the briony
in a white cloth and hang it near the pipe on the roof of the house, in the attic or somewhere high in the house to protect the housing and its inhabitants from the destructive effects of the weather.

The Sorcerer’s identification talisman
1 piece of rue
1 piece of burdock
1 piece of venereal hair adianthum
1 piece of broom
Tie 1 part of the ivy-shaped budra
in a purple cloth and wear it on yourself to identify other wizards if you are alone and looking for company.

a sachet for gambling
3 parts of patchouli
2 parts of nutmeg
1 piece of jasmine flowers
1 piece of cloves
1 piece of lapchatka
1 small magnetite
tie energized herbs in a green cloth and carry them with you when you risk money with the hope that they will return to you -whether it’s investing, gambling, playing on the stock exchange.

medicinal sachet
2 parts cinnamon
2 pieces of sandalwood
1 piece of rose petals
1 part cayenne pepper
1 part ginger
Mix 1 part of the rue
, tie it in a blue or purple cloth. lubricate the sachet with eucalyptus oil and wear it on yourself or place it at night by the bed.

sachet for home security
3 parts rosemary
3 parts of basil
2 parts of fennel seeds
2 parts of dill seeds
1 piece of laurel
1 piece of fern
Tie 1 pinch of salt
in a red cloth. place it on the highest place in the house.

sachet for the protection of house No. 2
1 part of a small nest
1 part of St. John’s wort
1 part capers (dry them before use)
several whole wheat grains
This formula is from ancient Middle Eastern magic. the ingredients are tied in a red cloth and hung over the front door.

love sachet
3 pieces of lavender
2 pieces of rose petals
Tie 1 part of the violet root
in a pink cloth. place it among your clothes so that it is soaked in the scent of love. or wear it on yourself to attract love.

Love sachet No. 2
3 pieces of rose petals
2 pieces of orange blossoms
1 piece of jasmine flowers
1 part of gardenia flowers
is a variation of the previous formula.