Amplified Results After Offering

I’ve been noticing lately, after I get a result and make an offering the result seems to get an additional little boost.

I did some work with Gamigan to give me an air of authority when speaking to others. I started noticing that people were responding to me differently almost right away.

Easily capturing and holding attention in conversations, deeper, more commanding voice.

So I made the offering and later that day I got a boost. I answered the phone in a Office Depot and my voice BOOMED and I noticed like four people just staring at me. One was an attractive woman, smiling.

After the offering, I notice people have been acting nervous in my presence which is awesome because I talk to really successful businessmen and women all day.

It’s nice to hear a little quiver in their voice when speaking with me. It let’s me know I have control.

Is this common?

or did I just not notice it as much prior to the offering. I do generally try to forget the petition is made and generally do that pretty well.