Amplification effect

Has anyone noticed that doing two rituals in a row seems to amplify the second ritual? I don’t want to be too vague but I finished the last of my free readings and then did some personal work. I noticed that I fell into trance quicker and the ritual seemed a bit charged, more so than usual.

My only explanation is that I was already close to the t/g sync when I started the second ritual so my mind just kicked back into it.


I have noticed the opposite - if I slack off for too long, I seem to lose momentum somehow.

The month with the money in FwB was like that for me, and after it ended I was crawling for “cotidianity”.

In my -short- experience, when I do a long ritual is just a series of mini rituals, and by the time I get to the end, the last thing I do, the LBRP feels completely different from the first. I feel I’m floating in the ground, that I look into this reality from outside the universe and that my body has no real bounds.

it was during the first month of FwB that my rituals became more elaborated, it was definitely a snowball effect. at the end I was crawling for cotidianity and I was relief for a few days without any magick, tho I felt weird after two days.

I have noticed that when I do come down I am in the same boat as Lady E. But if I don’t fully come “out of it” the next ritual feels super charged. Weird.

What happens is that the entities one summons leave a lot of residual energy in your earthly temple and this is accumalitive over time, so the demons or angels will come quicker evreytime you summon them and they also tend to mark your temple.

I think you open up channels in yourself, and your everyday consciousness, as well - if I slack off for a bit then go to my invocation which has the line “I am Man made perfect, whom no man has seen at any time” the extent to which I feel an ass speaking that line throws into sharp contrast how much I’ve started to go with the flow of consesus reality, in which we’re all just muddling along, subject to random external factors.

The more magickal working you do, the more you see yourself as accomplishing things in this way, and the more your subconscious accepts that as your normal and supports your conscious will - it’s a virtuous cycle.