Amon - Bring Chaos Among a Group / Break Friendship

Hail Amon!

I want to thank Amon for all he has done for me! He went to work immediately on my requests and it all unfolded so quickly. 6 months later, the request to bring chaos among a friend group and break friendships is still happening! I laugh at how much has happened and how obvious the results are. I am thoroughly pleased with the results, even though they are ongoing. Call on him when you find you have friends in your close friend group are back stabbing you and and being deceptive and you will see it all crumble while you remain unscathed and unphased! Brilliant work indeed! The fallout has been entertaining to say the least lol!

Never question HOW. Just trust the process and know you will be kept unharmed throughout the fallout!


Great news however there is a specific thread for thanking spirits.


Ok good to know! Thank you!


Oh man, your post here is what I needed. Thanks for posting. I have a friend , exfriend in dire need of some justice. What sigil did you use?

I think it’s in the Lesser Key, but you can Google it. Amon is among the better known Goetia. Might be spelled Ammon, though… can’t remember offhand.



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I used Goetic Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove.


With me, petrsonally, all you have to do to break a friendship with me is to be an asshole.

Amon can and will assist you in the endeavor though.


Understandable, however I did this to bring chaos to the group dynamic, not just break up a single friendship with myself.


Just what I needed! I was thinking about casting a spell to break up this friend group until I found this post. I also saw another post about Amon right before this. Maybe Amon wanted me to know about him. If so, thank you Amon!

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Thanks for sharing this. I am close to Amon and it’s great to read about his workings in and influences in other people’s lives, whether mundane or magickal.


Does that book works for u??

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