Amon, and some questions

I experienced something yesterday and I’m really new to this kind of practice, I’m more of a hoodoo, voodoo practitioner myself, so here we go

I had a breakup with my bf of 2 years just 2.5 months ago and yesterday we just sat at home and drank with my friends, you know, usual Monday nights lol
I never practiced it as I said before but I was planning to and I’ve been researching for hours, for days really
When I went to bed I was drunk and high and, was thinking how much I missed him then out of the blue I just opened amon’s sigil and chanted him to bring back my ex-bf to me, no chamber no candles no-nothing
I just opened the pic and memorized it then closed my eyes as I was visualizing it and chanted his name
I never remember my dreams if I sleep drunk but yesterday till I wake up, all I dreamed about was us, reconciling, being in-love

Do you guys think amon heard me and wanted to help me or is it just a game from my subconscious?


I would say so. Any improvement?

No, not really. I’m planning to do the ritual correctly from the beginning.

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You may have done it correctly, there was a ritual fro Fraternity of the Hidden Light, where you merge timelines together, and that method has been versatile in other ways.
Picturing a split frame picture, that is, yourself side by side or you and someone side by side, and merging together with a date somewhere.
That has been shown to me to favor time on my side and to bring aspects back out into my personality.

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We were going to go shop for Halloween with my friends and my university doesn’t let students park their cars on the campus, so I haven’t been using my car for a couple of days.
When we went to my car, I kid you not, my right back window was COVERED in dove shit and the dove itself, well most of the bones, were just under the window. Probably a cat did it but it seems too questionable to be just a coincidence.

I really would like to hear some opinions about you guys, and what should I do next?