Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation

Maybe that’s the way Marquis Amon is telling you that she would be your rebound to forget about your ex for the mean time and probably unwind your life with some other woman while He is still working with your relationship to mend. Or probably the one he sent you was the perfect woman for you. Or probably that could be a test on your loyalty because demons could test you while teasing you sometimes.

@Teddy: While the teasing and testing is appreciated, I also am desperate, been in an unhappy marriage and all by myself for a while now, so the temptation is appreciated but not appreciated. If I get the woman I want, I promise I will mend my ways, but testing me is killing me smoothly. What can I do now because I have started flirtatious conversations with these two other girls that started talking back to me.

Go along with it, but just think of it as a rebound. The important thing is getting you forget the ritual you made and distract yourself while the demons are working on it. Apply no contact too to your ex. If you’re so kind, can you tell me your circumstance, where did you guys went wrong, and whose at fault?

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Will PM you.

Hi im new here my name is vivienne, just wondering if you can use the sigil on your phone as my friend advised me this ive been using it three days now with no luck… any idear? Appreciated

Welcome @Vivi1. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Thank you for accepting me… i hope you can help

@Vivi1: I haven’t done the sigil on my phone yet, but all I did was listen to the Amon Enn Chant on Youtube and focus on the sigil on that video. I felt like someone touched me when I was chanting, and a day after a totally different person who once blocked me sent me a message out of no where. Note that this is not the person who I wanted to open communication with but a totally different person. My suggestion to you is, finish your ritual, pick up a totally new hobby, go workout, meditate and focus on positive things and give it time. I know it is very difficult when all you can think of is that person, but look at the night sky, look at the stars, the moon, the rising sun and the sun sets and be glad and thankful for all you have right now and believe that you are going to get everything you want and remove any negativity and that’s when anyone, including the spirits want to work with you. :slight_smile: Hopefully that will help you. Good luck!

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Thank you for your advice i shall take note…

Amon is not responding as quickly for me, Im beginning to think he’s not hearing me.

He heard you, now let him do his thing. He works really fast. Once you’ve done the ritual, forget about it. Quit waiting for the results because its counter-productive.

The problem with “return to me spells” and why it doesn’t work to some casters is because the caster is desperate/needy while they were casting the spell and they tend to dwell on the results after they did the ritual, because they’re desperate. My advise before doing any return to me spell, go explore yourself, ask yourself if you really want them back in your life or not, and find yourself in a state where you can already have this mindset: “if they’re coming back then better, if they’re not coming back then fine”. Once you have that mindset then do the rituals.


hello, quick question when drawing the sigil over the picture did you also draw the circle and the name?

Yes, the name and the circle are part of the sigil.

It’s not required.

I’m giving the picture in the phone case a shot to see what happens. I drew the signal on a full body picture of her end then put that in the case. On a side note, I had the Amon chant from YouTube in the background and really felt something quickly. I could feel a presence and smelled an unidentified spice of some kind. Does anyone have experience with this?

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Would drawing the sigil over just my target’s name be good? Or, write it on one side of the paper, and the sigil on the other side?

Or, would both methods be fine?

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This is the first time i try and summon Amon.
but since as it seems you have a deeper connection with Him, can you please double check if my call went through?
Will he help me get my person back?

Did it ever happen that the result was in reverse?
I called upon Amon. In the middle of my evocation, I heard a bell ring, and took that as a response that my call was answered.
5 minutes later, my ex fiancee blocks me on facebook. And deleted all of our pictures.
How should I understand this?

I’ve heard that sometimes King Paimon will introduce you to other spirits through synchronicity and whatnot. I had been seeing a lot of him on Facebook and I eventually ran into this meme

(Amon on a King Paimon)

Anyway I’ve been interested in conjuring a human lover who’s a sorcerer. Considering that one manifestation or aspect of Amon is on the spiritual side of love and the other is a more “mundane” form, that is interesting and he may specialize in drawing in “the one”. Funny his stuff is popping up now.


I’ve been getting a lot of synchronicity lately. Now to come and think of it, it was past the ritual that it actually started
Then I found a Pari Djinn being sold over Etsy. That I can’t take it out of my mind.
Should I get it ?

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