After doing my extensive research…I think the best demon that I can ask for my heart’s desire is Amodeus.

Now, I want to evoke him tonight and be prepared. Can you tell me what offerings he would like? And how should I start evoking him based on your exp.

Any info will be a big help.

Thank you


Do you mean Asmodeus? I don’t think any specific offerings are necessary. Here’s a bunch of potentially useful correspondences that might help you construct an offering:


I give him red and yellow roses, chocolates, blood and occasionally pizza

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I have dealt with Asmodues more than any other. Asmodues could really care less about all the platitudes. Be sure to show respect though. He hates arrogance, ask him why if you get the chance


blood. But he may not want blood from you. I understand that demons may want different things from different people. The best way is to suggest things and go with what ever they wish to receive.


just make sure to be respectful and do not demand anything.


He really likes good dark chocolate, pizza with meat on it, decent quality hamburgers, red wine that isn’t sweet. For flowers he likes red roses, and white lillies. At least that’s what he has expressed an appreciation for towards me. Also good quality cheese, or milk, fruit on occasion mostly oranges, strawberries, apples, peaches, black or red plums, and cherries.

He’s easy going most of the time and is pretty flexible about things. Just don’t promise anything and not follow through on it. For Incense he favors spicy over woody or floral stuff. He does enjoy blood or sexual energy, but if he has any interest in this from you he’ll be sure to let you know.

He doesn’t like arrogance or being disrespected… though really does anybody?