Does anyone know anything about the angel Amiel?
I wanted to start to work with him, but can’t find any usefull information.
Dictionary of angels doesn’t help at all.
Thank you in advance.


I don’t see the Name Amiel in that book. There is however listed the Angel Amhiel
Quote: an angel’s name found inscribed on an oriental charm (kamea) for warding off evil.

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The only thing I found here in BALG is:
Amiel - amazing angel that can help you become your most attractive and charming self, and also relaxed with attractive people.
It doesn’t look it matches the destricption with the tasks.
Hoewever, Amiel is a name often written inside other names… so, I don’t know.


Ami as in the French word for friend and / or derived from the latin Amo (love) I guess.

What do you mean by


You may enjoy the book Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand. It details the powers and qualities of the angels of the 42 Letter Name, one of which is Amiel, Angel of Charm, and gives sigils and words of power needed to make contact with each angel. The book describes two different methods of working the magick - a simple tasking ritual, where a line of communication is opened to the angel, and a more advanced method of evocation, where the angel is called into your presence.

Here is the description of Amiel taken from the book:

“Amiel can assist you in becoming the most charming and attractive version of yourself. Call on this angel to help you access your raw sexual charisma, and make that inner charm be seen by those you encounter. You can call on Amiel to assist with confidence so that you feel more relaxed when talking to people that you find attractive.”

To note, these particular angels work through your personal connection to reality. You are not directly altering the perception of others with this angel, but making yourself shine brightly from within, which will in-turn change how you are perceived.

If there is someone specific you would like to charm, you may want to limit the effects of the magick to this individual alone. Otherwise, you could ask for a rather general effect, drawing all of those who have the potential to be attracted to you. This can actually be somewhat inconvenient, but it’s certainly a nice confidence boost.


Netherman, I mean that there are names such as Ramiel or Salamiel, or else Hamiel, ecc… when Amiel seems to be the root.

@shinri your answer’s very helpfull, I’ll get the book as soon as possible, I dind’t know of it.
Thank you

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