Amethyst Crystal

Before I begin, I want to say that I did use the search engine, but I would still like to hear your opinions.

I have this amethyst crystal (it’s on a gold chain, it’s a necklace so it’s not so big) and I want to use it for attraction of power/love/I don’t know.

For amethyst crystals, what are the best spells to use/charms to put on, or whatever to activate it. See, I’ve looked it up, but I don’t quite understand crystals and how they work. Getting opinions from those who use them would be helpful.

With magickal tools and ingredients it’s better to just go with what you feel is right. Each tool and ingredient could mean something different to each individual, so experiment with it.

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That’s the beauty of spellcasting. You only need to follow your intuition. It can be elaborate or straight to the point.

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Consecrate it to Aphrodite!
after a cleaning and charging

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