Amdusias & Musical Creativity

I have been interacting with Amdusias since this summer to help push myself into accomplishment of goals to meet deadlines with record labels who have wanted my music.

I have since then finished several major projects and quite interestingly enough, the results, the circumstances and the power unleashed can’t be wandered back to, which is fine, as for some reason Amdusias pulls out of me - not only creative power through music - but depressive and suicidal thoughts.

Another thing interesting to note…

Is yes, like other artists, I have been under the influence of mood altering plants while recording, playing and listening. This increases my “Zen” and well,

I’d never thought I’d say it, but there have been times where I’d notice that it felt like I was being under the influence of a ghostly presence. Especially while playing.

Of course, it could be paranoia, it could be my exalted mind under the influence of Amdusias and THC.

Thankfully I didn’t get alarmed, as I didn’t want to adulterate this experience since I did ask Amdusias to work “through me” - he seems to work literally doesn’t he!


I’ll have to hit him up and jam with him for sure! I’ve done extnsive work with King Paimon and the Archangel Sandalphon. Am yet to jam with Amducias though being the musical director of hell… he’d bring a lot to the table for sure

Definitely agreed that a bit of herbal help definitely takes the parking brakes off the engines of creation