Amazing experience with Lilith

So after being sick all week, I started feeling better, and so I decided to reach out to Lilith. I have a Mother-Son relationship with her and feel a deep connection between us. She has been with me sice long before this lifetime.
Tonight gave evidence of that connection.

I did my standard banishing, and called on the Gatekeepers and Lepaca to aid my working. Went into trance quickly and engaged with Lilith’s sigil. Felt her energy and heard her voice in my head. Proceeded forward with my request, and my thoughts to her, and then i prepared to burn her sigil in the bathroom.

I burned her sigil, and added Frankincense to it while it burned. It flamed brightly and burned out. I looked down at the charred piece and saw this:

I see a heart and I laugh. I think what a neat coincidence. I take another look and yup, its a heart:

I decide to keep it, and i take the remaining pieces and put them in the toilet. Before i flush, i look down and see this:

Another heart! This was another piece that didnt burn all the way, and it was a heart!

So then im thinking is this a coincidence or is this from Lilith?

Then i see it, movement on the wall:

I look closer and sure enough:

So two hearts left over from burned sigil, and a Spider, all this at the end of my ritual at 2:20am.

I kept the big heart and of course let the spider do her own thing.

What a great experience.


Thanks for sharing

Can I pm you.

Absolutely you can

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Thank you.

Off to bed. I will respond to your pm tomorrow.

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