Amazed, Yet Confused

I just wanted to share this little experience that really surprised me, I’d say it more amazed than surprised me, in a good way.

I did a divination today asking the question I asked Book of Fate over a month ago and never decided what to do about it and the Book of Fate came back with the exact answer I received over a month ago when I asked this exact question. That’s… never happened before and just strengthens my belief that there are no coincidences and no conveniences. :slight_smile:

Mind you, it still came back with: “Weigh well the probable result of thy present intentions.” (which to me ventures into the tarot territory as I don’t usually do tarot readings as they ALWAYS confuse me and create more questions :/)
Therefore I don’t have a clue how to go about it. I don’t do well with neutral answers like that, I always wonder if that sways towards an encouragement to go forth with it or warns to perhaps not venture quite that far (Book of Fate, not you too!)
Eh, the matters of heart always perplex me.

Receiving that result with a divination was a spectacular ‘coincidence’ indeed.
Care to share any of the ones you’ve had?


I decided to check it out out of curiousity. Well there is an online version and got some interesting answers on a number of questions. You have to use your intuition with this type of thing more. As far as I can tell they all sound vague.

The Book does have some very yes/no style answers, one of the questions about recovery from illness tells the querent to prepare their tomb :o) which is about as un-vague as you can get, so there’s evidently something about this situation that’s causing it to come back a second time with a 1-in-32 odds repeat of the original answer - I suspect warning that there may be consequences of some kind, which you could then use Tarot for example to detect, asking “Show me images that clearly represent the consequences of me doing X” or something.

I posted a site with simple card-position meanings in this thread:‘celtic-cross’-position-meanings-for-all-cards/

They all lean rather positive, but it’s not bad as a simple cheatsheet.

Thank you, I’ll definitely do that. As much as tarot cards confuse me I have to try (I have to admit that if I do use tarot, I tend to go online -

The interesting development is - I took the plunge last night and did an evocation and went forth with what I wanted. I dismissed the demon and hours later went to bed. But once I got in bed I started feeling this reaaaally intense pressure on the top side of my head - browline and upwards. Like something is squeezing really hard.
I always have that feeling during the evocation of demons due to the thick heavy energy overwhelming the Brow and the Crown chakras. Therefore I have started to associate that feeling with a demon being present.

It didn’t speak to me nor did I actually ‘see’ it this time, but it was definitely there. Once I fell asleep the first part of my dream was that exact feeling and I felt a presence follow me around wherever I went in the dream and whatever I did, it made me really uncomfortable even uneasy at one point so I commanded it to depart and it did.

My mind can’t stop going back to that original answer it gave me before I went forth with that evocation. And the visit I received afterwards both in this world and in my dream. It’s just puzzling, but I enjoy puzzles. :slight_smile: