Amaymon's New Path For me - The Serpentine Path

The Serpentine Path

The path of the serpent or aslo known path of the ancient serpent is one of the most interesting paths that i took ever,I always felt like a piece of me is serpentine and in my path worked a lot with serpent spirits and gods,like my godform,my abysmal guide Rays,Amaymon and others.

Being one of the most hidden paths that one can truly i mean truly undertake it’s also one of the most powerful with many concepts and powers and abilities,in the path you will increased confidence and charisma but these are really nothing but sparks of the serpent heart manifesting into your character and personality.

In this path you will be spiritually transformed into a serpent of the abyss you will become a snake lord when working with the abyssal heart of the serpent of the abyss.

The Call of the Serpentine king

A few days ago before I finally heard the call of amaymon to the serpentine path ,I was gazing at darkness just gazing for no reason with a blank mind,blank and empty from beliefs and thoughts.

Gazing for a few moments I saw legions of spirits of darkness swirling in the air like smoke,before it stood the serpents eyes as i saw the serpent with my serpent’s eye my mind was perceiving all power and knowledge of the serpentine god amaymon and his serpent eye ,telling me without words nor voice but just with a knowing to work with the path,after those few days it was time to evoke amaymon directly.

In the day that I came back from my vacation holiday home it was time to evoke him,at midnight I stood and i felt something was calling me i got my ritual stone set up and chanted the words to call upon the serpentine aspect of amaymon,as I chanted

Sah Ray’ja Amaymon

His manifestation in the energetic spectrum of the room was instantaneous the room felt like it was inside of the stomach of the serpent,the walls were covered in serpent’s skin and the insides were voidy darkness,amaymon finaly spoke:

“Become the serpent,become the ancient serpent become the serpent of the abyss become the serpent”

My mind blank from the darkness looking at the stone covered with blood in my many past gatekeeper workings i offered blood again,I closed all lights and I was gazing at the darkness of the room,physical and spiritual.visions of The serpents eye begun spattering my mind and strong dingling sensations on my now altering ajna chakra begun happening.

i begun chanting in darkness the serpents breath invocation over and over i had felt things that i can never describe and revealations that i aslo dont.

after that amaymon communicated in the serpent’s tongue an incantacion that is an exercise to become the serpent and connect more with the serpent heart and core.

After the one hour long ritual and meditation i got into the bathroom to look at myself and i saw my eyes with serpentine features and colours,alterations of yellow and green mixed together.

This path that i am undertaking is one of my favourites ever i just love the serpentine energy it is one that it was always within me but not that contacted and it aslo one of the easiest to feel.

I Even started my Own Grimoire for this path,i cannot wait for the next work with this path.




The Serpentine way is wonderful :fire:



Hi, I feel a pull to this. Do have any sources for more info on the serpentine path?

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I don’t know any works of it I only heard of very small sections of it like calling certain entities serpentine but in my work I will go very in depth into this as now currently do it,
But I am more than happy to awnser any questions

The reason i ask is because astaroth or king paimon, they haven’t made that clear, has been sending me snake synchronicities for almost a year now. I even got a tattoo of one traveling up the lunar phases and entering a Sri yantra and I dedicated this to lady ashtoreth.

Ive always been obsessed with snakes. ALWAYS. Orochimaru was literally the reason I watched Naruto as a kid :joy:.

I’m gonna try asking amaymon about this as well, if anything comes of it I’ll message you the details for your own journaling, since this seems like a grimoire he intends for you to write.

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Very interesting I will glady get pms and happy to discuss but I my self had witness a manifestation of King paimon a silverous golden snake very weird but just for a split second and I remember king paimon on the past saying that he is aslo the snake lord that commands snakes and he even gifted me a serpent protector familiar.

A friend that works with astaroth for 20 years he saw her manifestations into a spiky black viper.

I am typing from my shitty temporary phone so I apologise for completly fucking up texts and grammar.

The snakes ive seen were silver and green. It seems like silver may represent something. Maybe this path incorporates the moon.

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it felt solary but not completly for me solar without the energetic autograpth of the sun something that it is of its own really complex energy.

but as the serpent familar that he granted me was green if i remember correctly but its primaty colour was a sand kind of hue with

You know its weird you mention a serpent familiar. I had decided to thoughtform a snake for devouring parasites. I named it ananda. Name sounds familiar. Looked into it briefly. Idk if I had heard it before or not but now that you mention a serpent familiar makes me wonder if that’s why I did that. Because I did that shortly after I got the snake visions

I too follow teaching of king paimon. And in my dream I saw big snake with black skin and tints in it. Could this mean king paimon is send me some king of message or protection?