Am I under Attack?

Hi guys,
The other night while I was astral projecting I projected into a reception like place where there was a woman I definitely know (cannot recall who or what exactly she was doing apart from the fact that she looked at me at some point). I recall thinking to myself: “I get it, it must be her sister” after which this other woman looking like person came close to my face and literally ‘Ate’ my memories. I say ate because that’s what she did(with a grin on her face), I still remember seeing her mouth and teeth up close as if she was biting my whole head off. After which she proceeded to ignore me and I exited my astral projection thinking “Damn, I cannot remember now the revelation I had and it was important. My memory just got deleted”
Has anything like this ever happened to any of you? I have been having memory issues since I separated from my husband almost 3 years ago. I have a strong feeling that my mother in law is somehow connected to this but cannot say for sure.
Could it be an attack or targeting of some sort?

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If she ate your memories, how do you remember her eating them?

Probably not. Is she into the occult?


The memories that got eaten were those of the big revelation I had, the rest was left untouched almost to taunt me. She isn’t into the occult as such but being South African she has many connections among Voodoo practioners and others. Like I said before I am not certain if she is a culprit in this situation but am trying to make sense of the projection.