Am i resisting a spirit tryna communicate with me?

So last night i was laying in bed and i got sucked into like half sleep paralysis. I could move my legs but not anything else. And i felt a weird energy in my head, like a vibration. There was a voice in my head telling met to let it happen & let go but i kept fighting it and waking up. Repeat 3 or 4 times then it stopped. Am i being retarded? They feel like attacks but i never feel anxious during it, only when i wake up.

I think next time i need to ask whatever it is to identify itself by some means.

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I have experienced things that were similar to this. Visits from The Hatman and his shadow people as well as some large shadow spider like creature that lifted me above my bed and showed me my room but all burned out and dead.

The spider entity I only saw once, but the hatman and his entourage haunted me for a while. Even when I was fully awake, I would see shadow people, and got the feeling that the hatman wanted to talk to me. This irked me, and I never tried to make contact. I feel that me refusal to answer them angry.

Some months later, I again awoke into sleep paralysis after strange dreams that I had died and gone to purgatory. I saw several shadows standing around the room, and got the strong feeling that they wanted to kill me, but needed the Hatman’s OK to do so. He walked into the room then, standing about 8 feet tall with glowing red eyes. I sensed some feeling of urgency from him, and turned and left the room as quickly as he got there.

The shadows seemed to waver without the hatman’s presence. Then I heard an entity from my earlier dream yelling at me to wake up. I willed myself to do so, and the sleep paralysis was broken.

I feel I may have picked up a parasite from these entities at some point, which hung around for some time.

OK, so this turned into an essay lol. My take on this would have good protection. Banish regularly, and ask an entity who specialized in protection to keep you safe from supernatural attack. I agree that if this happens again, ask them what they are. Don’t let them threaten you, and banish them if they cause you any trouble. I would be surprised if any spirit that shows up in sleep paralysis has anything good to offer though. Be polite but firm, and have protection to keep you safe.

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I don’t think you are being retarded because you had a natural response to an uncommon event.

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it’s a test of your fear with a :slight_smile: you can’t pass to your over come it

Well fuck i think i failed lol this fear stems from my childhood having paralysis episodes & astral projecting out of my control