Am I in TGS?

Sup people
So basically I bought EA Koetting’s mastering evocation course and I have been practicing to go into TGS! I have opened sigils before but don’t know if i’m truly in TGS! I do feel little lightheaded but other than that, I don’t see or feel anything else! When I blur out my vision for a amount of time tho, something’s start to disappear, mostly words and shit!

Thanks for helping guys


Grand Infinity says in his youtube-video that EA’s method is for advanced users. But when you manage to go TG and you know how it is, and feels like, then EA’s way is the fastest.
I have thought about it myself. Also Grand Infinity said when he tried EA’s system he couldn’t make it work except after when he knew how TG feels like. I have also challenges to go TG which is more than annoying since I feel I don’t have time to learn it and there are things to do. Yet it requires time to learn it…

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P.S. With all respect perhaps EA is “natural” with it so it is easy to him to make it happen.


then what is grand infinities way of evoking a spirit?


The theta gamma state works differently for everyone, different visuals.
Some people see green static or black static, or the room becomes darker
in my case, I see these shadowy waves like dark auras.
When your vision blurs and the lines of the sigil disappear and reappear, that means you now have an energetic connection to the spirit, you can start speaking your request. (yes ur in the TGS)
Now if you were to blank out your mind and go deeper into the TGS the room around you will begin to flash, if ya ask me this is the deeper parts of TGS after that you feel like your moving in the inside or just kinda wobbling around.
If you can manage to not pull your self out and keep going in you kinda blackout and enter the crossroads where you and ur demonic buddies can talk easily like you would with any physical person.


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Please can you describe the Crossroads…anything deeper than

you feel like your moving in the inside or just kinda wobbling around.

I won’t be able to tell which one is what…


The light parts of the theta-gamma state are when the sigil of the spirit begin to disappear and reappear if you keep scrying into the sigil the room around you eventually begins to flash like the sigil, and your physical senses begin to fade away and you will become aware of your spiritual senses.

I don’t really like to use E.A’s way of naming these states.
So I just break it down into Light theta gamma state-Mid theta gamma state and Deep theta gamma state.

Light meaning the sigil flashes.
Mid meaning the room around you just kinda blurs out
and Deep theta gamma state when the room around you flashes like the sigil and your spiritual senses kick in.

Keep in mind these visuals you see are determined by you, people tend to see their own kinda visual distortions.


its not an overly complex thing. You enter TGS every day right before you fall asleep. All you’re really doing is relaxing your mind and body to the point where when you start chanting, you begin to act on autopilot. Basically you’re going through the motions without really thinking about it. Also keep in mind that the method EA uses isn’t something he came up with in a vacuum. He’s likely perfected the method after using it dozens, if not hundreds of times with beginners who come to him for teachings…so my guess is that its going to be an effective method for most


wait if TGS is an advanced method; than what is a beginner method?


I guess I wanted to say, EA’s way of going to Theta-Gamma state is for advanced users. Theta-Gamma itself is not.


So I was doing this with a crystal ball a few nights ago, I felt the room getting darker around me until it was pitch black with my eyes completely open, but I kept snapping out of the trance because my eyes were gettin got dry/ itchy and I kept blinking, which was annoying. Has this ever happened to you ? Not sure if eye drops will help but I still have to try them.

Yes. The key is to not open your eyes too much or they’ll get dry fast.

I usually use a silver marker on black paper. This is much easier for me to gaze at. When I gaze at sigils the lines start to disappear/flash and i see a shadow under the entire sigil. This usually happens seconds after I start gazing. Does this mean I’ve reached the TGS? I don’t usually feel any different to my normal state.

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Ok, so what is a beginner’s way?

I have the same question here. Am I in TGS?

My mind drops out as if I’d gone to sleep. Then suddenly my mind reawakens but it’s hyper alert, and there’s often a feeling of mild-moderate fear. Is that what TGS is?

I usually do this with eyes closed btw.

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