Am I comprehending this properly?

So I purchased the Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason. I’ve read it entirely and have scanned back through it several times. From my understanding, it seems one is to try whats in the book first to see if a person vibes with Draconian current. If so, the person should do Self-Initiation and further advance along the Draconian path.

Where my confusion lies is in not knowing if there is any order for doing certain practices? Invocations were introduced well before evocations in the book. Should I invoke before evoking? According to the book, evoking is a harder process and should be done to make requests. Everywhere else I’ve ever read put invocation as one of the last things to practice.

It also seems that there is a great emphasis of working on kundalini and psychic abilities. I’m assuming working on these type of exercises could be apart of a daily practice. How often should invoking and evoking be done ? Maybe I skipped a page and didn’t see where there was a basic outline of how a newbie should try to do all of this. I do understand its all suggestions and a template to follow until i get use to it. I just want to make sure I will be getting the most of it to eventually determine if the Draconian Tradition is right for me.